Koliadki for Kolyadka: Christmas Caroling Cookie Recipe…

KoliadkiKoliadki are Russian Christmas cookies that are made to treat all the people who come to sing carols at your home. These cookies can have the many different types of fillings…

Kolyadka (Ukrainian: колядка, Russian: колядка) is a traditional caroling song usually sung in Eastern Slavic countries (Belarus, Russia and Ukraine) only on Orthodox Christmas holidays, between the 7 and 14 of January. It is strongly believed that everything sung about in the song will come true…


Dough: 14 oz flour, 2/3 cup water
Filling: 1/2 lb tvorog (cottage cheese), 7 ea eggs, sugar to taste (Or honey!)


Combine flour with water and knead the dough.
Roll out the dough finely and cut out squares.
Fold the edges and pinch them to have small boxes.
Fill the boxes with tvorog (cottage cheese but drain very well) combined with eggs and sugar.
Bake in a preheated oven on average heat until light brown.
Please experiment with this cookie. Fill it with fruit, candies and anything else you can think of. I like them with a meat filling and they are so simple to make…

Plus they are Yummy…


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