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Libya it is Just a Game to the West – A game of Death…

NATO said on Wednesday it had extended its Libyan mission for a further 90 days, after Muammar Qaddafi made it clear he would not step down, dashing hopes of a negotiated end to the uprising against his rule…

Of course we will only be there for a few days at most…

Libya: NATO bombings killed 718 civilians “718 people have been killed and another 4,067 injured since NATO Alliance started bombing Libya on March 19. 433 people are still in hospitals, with their conditions described as critical, said Mussa Ibrahim, an official spokesperson of the Libyan government at a news conference, citing data from local medical services.” For its part, NATO stressed that it had targeted only military objects and equipment. Ibrahim added that Qaddafi’s ousting, which, the international community is pushing for, would be “the worst possible scenario for Libya.” NATO has a proven history of killing civilians and now it is insisting its prerogative to keep on killing civilians in Libya…

Sounds a lot like what I insisted would happen. Lets rejoice and party over our humanitarian help for the Libyan people. For without our help they would have never had this war to their deaths in the name of HELP…

I don’t blame Libya for fighting. The West is trying to control the country…

CAIRO — Al Qaeda’s likely next leader says NATO’s operations in Libya are meant to topple Moammar Qaddafi so the West can install a puppet government and control the country’s oil wealth…

So that short war of humanitarian help, that control of just the airspace over Libya has turned into a slaughter of innocents trying to kill Qaddafi. Most people in Libya do not want him dead, except after NATO kills thousands and thousands over many months. The Libyans then will want Qaddafi gone. The bombings have extended to the seas and all over the Libyan lands. The very thing that Obama and others said we would not do, has happened. We opened mouth and stuck foot into it and then realized that Libya does not really want Qaddafi gone. So we are bombing Libya to get the results that we want the people of Libya to accept. Qaddafi out of power…

I will say that the West has lying down to an art…

Windows to Russia!

PS: Nato aircraft have flown more than 5,300 bombing runs Sorties since the no-fly zone was put in place in March…

Data summary
Nato operations in Libya by country (May 22nd, 2011)

no. of personnel
No. of air- craft
Est no. of sorties flown, from beg of war until 5 May 2011
no. of cruise missiles fired
Main air base
Belgium170660Araxos base in south-western greece
Canada56011358Trapani-Birgi and Sigonella
Denmark12041610Sigonella, Sicily
France800291,200currently operating from French Air Bases of Avord, Nancy, St Dizier, Dijon and Istres, as well as Evreux and Orléans for planes engaged in logistics.
Greece000Aktion and Andravida military air fields in Crete
Italy12600Gioia del Colle, Trapani, Sigonella, Decimomannu, Amendola, Aviano, Pantelleria
Jordan3012Cerenecia, Libya
Netherlands2007sardinian base, decimomannu
Norway1406100Souda Bay, Crete
Qatar608Souda Bay, Crete
Turkey6Sigonella Air Base in Italy
UAE3512Decimomannu, Sardinia
UK1300281,30018Gioia del Colle, Italy and RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus

It is interesting that Canada is all over the news because they have had to order more bombs. America and Britain have resupplied numerous times already and it is looking like hundreds of billions of dollars will be spent on this short war…

We are bombing the Hell out of the Libyan people…

After what I have seen in my lifetime I realize that we never learn and people are so happy to follow as we kill and kill and kill…

Windows to Russia!

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