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One Sided Sadness in the worlds media…

I received hundreds of propaganda regarding the three Israeli teens, while I am sad they died, the after affect is what makes me very sad. Typical of Israel as with the U.S., they use the deaths of these teens to promote destruction and hatred toward Palestine or what ever is their target at that moment. As I have pointed out a thousand times on this website, “We take what we want to believe and use the media to drive home the lie until it becomes the truth!”

The truth is, Israel has no idea that Palestinians are behind this situation and Israel does not care, it was just an excuse to take hatred out and kill more innocents. Regardless of who dun-it, the Philistines are to be blamed, because it fits the agenda…

While I received hundreds plus propaganda articles from the Israel side, I received one lonely article from an American, who is concerned. That is all I received to try to help the other side, so to speak…

I spent two days reading about this, all the while being slammed with articles of mass duplicated data to tell the world about how terrible the Israeli’s are treated. The Israel internet has a bunch of old ladies and willingly or not, they pass all the state media on like it is a duty to perform for God himself. I find half of the passed on data is from bots sending from infected computers…

So to the Lopsided Sadness in the worlds media. I post this information and we need to get our act together and start waking up to reality, but then we would have no one to blame, would we…

* * *

unnamed“Your news outlet has most likely heard of and reported on the 3 Israeli teens whose bodies were found. The recent turn of events in the West Bank and tragedy has hit home for local Palestinians as well. Mohammad Abukhdair, only 15 years old, was kidnapped by Israelis, stabbed to death, and his body was burned and left in a forest. His family is mourning, just as the Israeli families are mourning. Please honor Mohammad’s memory by contacting his family and sharing with our nation who young Mohammad was. His first cousins, and direct aunt and uncle live in Sacramento, California. They have agreed to do interviews with the media. You can contact Wadha Abukhdeir at or 916-893-4059.”

Israeli authorities have not allowed his body (Mohammad Abukhdair) to be released to his relatives for burial, except on one condition, that his family signs a statement that he was killed in a family dispute; and that he was not abducted, and that there was no Israeli settler involvement. Four of the Abukhdeir family members, who happen to be Mohammed’s closest friends, were detained for questioning to get a “confession” about their involvement in Mohammed’s death…

Some national contacts to start with:
NPR: (National) (live interview) (written article)
LA Times: /

Please post any other contacts in the comments!

Please share widely. This is only one life of millions of Palestinians who are not only affected but also constantly portrayed as villains whose existence should be wiped off the planet. Please help ensure Palestinians’ stories are humanized. Please remember Mohammad and his family and all those who are suffering from injustice in your prayers.” – via Ustadha Maryam Amireb

* * *

May we stop killing teens and then lets stop killing everyone to boot, Nuff said…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Marion July 6, 2014

    THANK YOU! Note: Autopsy showed that little Mohamad was burned ALIVE!

  2. kKeeton Post author | July 6, 2014


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