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Lunch Today was Excellent…

Lunch was great and unexpected. Vova came down and got me to eat lunch with him. He was in the mood to have company and I was in the mood to oblige. Rabbit stew, fresh salad from his garden and salt mushrooms that he did himself. I have to say that it was perfect…

Vova loves to play the spoons and being inside, his moving parts blurred, but that is okay and I got a picture of him sitting still… 🙂

Boza and I did have a good day,even with the rain and all. Vova is a good buddy and I am lucky to have him as a friend in Russia…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Marion June 18, 2015

    Is he married? (Heh heh – just kidding).

    Looks wonderful – my itty bitty baby Banty biddies run all over with their mamas and rooster daddies like that. Love it! Makes me happy.

  2. Russian_Village Post author | June 18, 2015

    No he is not! For your information… 🙂

    He is a good guy, Boza just loves him and that means a lot to me. Boza knows…

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