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Matthew Van Meter’s Blog for Russia Profile…

ANN ARBOR, Michigan/When my parents were visiting me in Moscow last summer, immediately following the worst of the heat wave and smog, my father especially wanted to see what a rural Russian town looks like. There are a number of ways to do this, of course, but I decided to take him on the suburban train toward Yaroslavl, in an ill-fated attempt to see Rostov-Veliky, which I suppose is an idealized rural Russian town. All tickets on the regular train to Rostov were sold out until well into September, so we piled onto the creaking buckboard familiar to anyone who has visited a train station in this country… Read More >>>

Matthew has a good blog and sees Russia for what it is. He also sees America for what it is. A parallel World with Russia. He seems to have taken off the rose colored glasses and that is a good thing…

Windows to Russia!

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  1. tibslurlnit August 23, 2012

    His link is gone! Stupid ******!

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