Moscow Mayor Terminated by Medvedev…

Yury Luzhkov and Patriarch Alexius II.
Mayor Yury and the Patriarch…

Moscow‘s mayor to resign from the strong language about the loss of confidence by Medvedev.

After the holidays, Yuri Luzhkov has stayed on the job one day. And although the day before he claimed that is not going to resign on Tuesday became aware of the presidential decree on the resignation of the capital’s mayor. Instead, he is temporarily appointed first deputy Vladimir Resin. Him and requested to conduct a regular meeting of the Moscow government. The details – the correspondent of “Vesti FM Nikolai Osipov.

He managed to stay on the job one day. More on Monday’s press service reported on the mayor, Yuri Luzhkov plans for October: meeting, meetings, business trips. Though there was no signal of the impending dismissal. The mayor until recently did not submit the form, but on Tuesday thundered the press service of the Kremlin. “Renounce Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov from the post of Mayor in connection with the loss of confidence in Russian President” – The decree was signed and take effect immediately. In part, this was predictable, although there still is that the review, commented the president of the fund “Petersburg politician Mikhail Vinogradov.

“Formally, this language is consistent with the law. In the entire history for 4 th time with the wording of the governor dismissed. Interestingly, that was no explanation that the accused Luzhkov – political behavior, actions during the heat, the family business or something else? It seems that the decision was made very quickly – this can be seen on the appointment of an interim figure as Acting Mayor Vladimir Resin, which is six months older than Luzhkov “- says Vinogradov.

A little later, presidential spokeswoman Natalia Timakova made some comments about this loud dismissal. It turns out that Yuri Luzhkov offered to leave voluntarily. And on his decision depended on which scenario events will unfold. For this, in general, mayor and went on vacation. Luzhkov refused to compromise, that is, the script came out very hard. Political analysts say that it is the fault of the mayor, who did not want to negotiate, knowing the inevitability of retirement. Pavel Danilin, the political scientist, Effective Policy Foundation, said something like the star of the disease.

“Mikhail had forgotten that he – an official appointed by the Head of State, and he decided to put himself above the other officers and was naturally down with the loss of confidence. He offered to go a very long time for an amicable, but he would not “- says Danilin.

Sam, Yuri Luzhkov met the news of his dismissal in the workplace. Despite the early hour, according to reports from the city administration, the mayor was already at work. He brought a decree of the president, who threw into confusion all the subordinate Luzhkov. The confusion probably is not due to the fact of dismissal, and deadlines. Few expected it to happen so quickly. The experts gave Luzhkov for another month or two. Acuity and adds information about what the president is not planning any meetings with the retired mayor. That is to say farewell to a pension will not be nice.

But now, when all is done, political scientists transferred the attention on other matters – like the mayor leaves his office. Do leave, slamming the door, or will keep at least formal propriety – it is the most important, argues CEO of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin.

“If the correct delivery of affairs will not, and will whims, then the situation will be even more tense and Luzhkov, and his family, big and rich. The consequences can be unpredictable, “- says Mukhin.

Decree of the President’s history with the dismissal of the mayor had not yet finished, the expert continues, dividing this epic stages. Just now finished the first stage, but right behind him comes next, maybe even more stringent, “says Alexei Mukhin. After retirement affects a large number of persons – the team Luzhkov, the Moscow business with his interests.

“The situation in the city quite poorly controlled by the mayor. Not the mayor’s office and the mayor. Acting appointed Resin – is also very symptomatic, but the fight for the seat of mayor is now entering a stage superrigidity “- says Mukhin.

On Tuesday, the first zamu Luzhkov, Vladimir Resin directed to meeting the city government. Duties of the Mayor fell to him. Sam, Yuri Luzhkov on Tuesday became an ordinary citizen, non-working Moscow pensioner.

I feel that the Moscow Mayor may become a thorn in the political side of Medvedev. The mayor was well loved by many for much that he has done…

Like Sveta said after she heard this, “The pensioners love him!” She then expressed that he may become a pillar in the opposition party now…

Is his (Medvedev) a political mistake made out of anger or a tactical move?

I guess we will wait and see…

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