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Mrs. Oksana Gutseriyev wrote to Me! She needs help and it is an Emergency…

I received this e-mail also last night and after I read all the others and answered what was necessary and then posted an article about a couple more e-mails I received. I then turned my attention to this last e-mail that said “Emergency…”

An Emergency, please respond…
Greetings,I am Mrs. Oksana Gutseriyev, the wife of Russian multi billionaire Mr. Mikhail Gutseriyev’s, the former owner of Russneft Oil Company in Russia , i have a proposal for you If you know you can do this, contact me via my private box: so that I can furnish you with more details but if my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you. I await your reply,
Mrs. Oksana Gutseriyev

Now who could pass up a letter like this? Since this particular Russian Billionaire has been in the news a lot and since he ran Russneft at one time. I figured hey a friend in high places would be perfect. Even if that friend had to run out of dodge so to speak to keep his ass out of jail in Russia for wrong doings that well, broke the law! Then if I help this upstanding gentleman to do what ever it is his wife wants done. I would be in good graces with the Western world because they have been spouting about the mistreatment of this poor billionaire for years. So…

I wrote a letter back…

Dear Mrs. Oksana Gutseriyev,

I am honored that you would write to me, as I am an America that is living in Russia for 6 years now. Being an American, I can associate with the fact that you have been put through hell by the Evil Russian Empire and all for ridiculous stipulations. So I find it in my heart to help you anyway that I can…

For you see I am a poor American verily able to survive in this cruel world of Russia and with your generosity for me helping you, maybe I will be able to return to the USA and live a life of peace and happiness again…

I am looking forward to the details of said transactions and will truly in my heart do all I can to right the wrongs that have been bestowed upon your family by the hate and deceit of the Russian government…

With regards!

Kyle Keeton

Lets see if they respond and lets see what is offered. I am sure there is millions of dollars involved and I could sure use some of those millions. I mean it is not an “African Reject E-mail” that we always get! Right? So it has gotta be legit! Right? I am going to dream about what I will do with all that money! Right?

I will let you know if I get a response… πŸ™‚

Kyle Keeton


  1. pranjal2k April 8, 2012

    U know what It’s a spam.

  2. admin Post author | April 8, 2012

    Really? You think so?

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