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Now you know the reason why USA jets are being buzzed by Russia…

The USA is flying in Russian airspace near the Crimea! In Russian airspace…

Please America, “Don’t be stupid. It’s not smart.”

Several instigated incidents with US surveillance planes approaching Russian borders on the Black Sea waters has been in the western news as Russian aggression. But….as we know the USA is usually where it does not belong….many times many thousands of miles away from the US homeland…

The Russian Ministry of Defense has politely reminded and warned Washington DC of the USA, that its reconnaissance planes in the Black Sea region, “Will be met by Russian jets, but not by the Ukrainian partners.”

Ironically the Russian Ministry of Defense has had to go a step farther with its warning and wisdom. They added that another option to solve the flight deviations that seem to be happening, is for the Pentagon to solve its flying issues, “To issue new maps with correct Russian airspace borders to all the crews.”

Bad Aggressive America looking to instigate a war!


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