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Oh my, My life has been threatened over this post…

Street Outside Russian Embassy in Washington DC renamed for a Russian Dissident?

Ouch, this article above, one that was posted a few days ago, hit some nerves. The DC crowd lost it and I received several official nasty emails telling me that I am going to be watched carefully and better step, as if I am walking on eggshells…

I guess Truth Hurts!

I had one email from the USDA and they were not nice. Did you know I am a Commie Fag? Then, The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) had someone sitting in a office somewhere and emailed me, told me that all Russian children should be forcefully removed from Russia and brought to western countries to be raised. They said children do not deserve to be raised under the rot and devilry that Russia is…

Then one from admin offices of FEMA in Denver, Colorado wanted me shot and drawn and quartered then hung, for all to see as an example to bad Americans….not sure what order they want all the above to be done in, but if you allow me to have input; please shoot me in the head first, before you follow through on the rest of your desires….thanks…

I don’t feel very loved today…



  1. Suwat Tor January 14, 2018

    Rename Tverskaya Rd. to Snowden-Assagne-Manning Rd.

  2. kKeeton Post author | January 15, 2018

    Suwat Tor: another good one…

  3. Arvind Ramanujam January 15, 2018

    Someone once told me that it is better to be insulted than be killed, and I believe it is a reasonably good advice.
    I think you would do well to heed such warnings because some dogs do bite after barking.
    I once saw an Asterix cartoon where the wild animals like the lion, tiger etc. are all set free to fight, and at the end the lion alone remains unable to even move because it has become so heavy after killing and eating all the others. People belonging to this world, who are part of the system are all like these competing animals, which also keep ganging up together and killing the loner one by one (remember how Saddam and Gaddaffi were isolated?) till only the leader remains unable to defend against the inevitable natural catastrophe. For example, there was a newspaper report about an ex-administration guy in one of the topmost strategic security job of a super power who had been kicked out, and this guy had written a book “exposing” the dirty linen of the topmost guy using swear words in every paragraph and claiming that the vigilants are going to come after the administration like hell — my reaction was that of sympathy although he deserved to be kicked out, being a part of gangsters — the reason? None of his expectations will happen because the system is that much corrupt.
    People cause damage consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously, and there is no point in blaming them and trying to stop a heavy speeding train with a finger standing on its track.
    You have a good wife and neighbours. Don’t provoke them, especially in strong language and when you may be wrong yourself because of past-conditioning, bias, factual error, accidental mistakes, malicious propaganda, carelessness — each individual in the world can correct only oneself and if one presumes to be capable of correcting others or the world, it will lead to fatal injury.
    Their livelihood and many other normal aspects of worldly life depend on how well they are doing their jobs with the accompanying appraisal, and hence negative criticism would be both a public and personal affront.
    This is as much an advice to myself and to them as it is to you.

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