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OMG – Libya Fired a Scud Missile at the Scuds…

Gaddafi forces ‘fire scud missile’ : has been repeated a hundred times today. You would think that he had fired a missile of demon possession and the chances are that the world will die from its explosion. I guess that all the Scud missiles that have struck Israel by Saddam are still in memory of the human race. Looks like now we need to put a missile shield up to protect the world from Libyan Scuds… (They say that there are 100 to 200 Scuds with a range up too 800km in Libya!)

I guess this is a good excuse to increase the killing of Libyans by NATO and or start a ground war by NATO…

We will see and oh, it looks like another guy defected from Libya to save his skin. That is the idea of what NATO is doing. Bomb the hell out of everything and force the people to turn on Gaddafi. As you can tell he was so hated by his people that they turned on him in a few days… (around 6 months and counting)

They say the rebels are advancing. Well I guess so with all the missiles that we have tossed at Libya and billions of dollars spent, someone better be getting the advantage.

I keep saying that payback is hell…

Windows to Russia!



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