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The Big Lie today is as enormous as, and potentially far more harmful than, any Big Lie throughout history has been; and, it will be exposed fully here, and will be documented even more fully, by means of the links that are provided in this summary of it. (This Big Lie is certainly important enough for that care, because if the lie is continued unexposed, that massive fraud will produce World War III, a world-destroying nuclear war, perhaps even soon.) So, this will be only a summary of it, but a completely documented summary — not a mere ‘exposé’ that’s expected to be believed because it is already generally suspected or thought to be the case, but, instead, something that’s presented in the expectation that the key facts of the case have, to the contrary, been so effectively hidden from the public, as to make necessary here the providing of full documentation of it, for anyone who wants to delve more deeply into this ongoing rape of history — the super-dangerous Big Lie that’s ongoing right now.

This Big Lie today, which is to be described here, is the lie, upon the basis of which the Cold War against the dictatorial communistic USSR — which Cold War had been such a boost to US weapons-makers such as Lockheed Martin while it lasted — actually became restored in 2014, and continues today, as, this time, not a ‘cold’ but a hot war, by the US and its allies, all united together (for the benefit of the owners of their international corporations, and especially of the big US arms-suppliers) against democratic post-communist Russia (which gets blamed for trying to defend itself, at every step of the way that it does so). This increasingly hot war started in early 2014 (after at least three years of advance-preparation of it by the US Administration of American President Barack Obama), in Ukraine (formerly a part of the USS.R.), when a CIA coup that was perpetrated under the cover of ‘democracy’ demonstrations, against the democratically elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych — when this CIA coup installed there, in Ukraine, a rabidly anti-Russian government, bordering Russia. That is certainly a provocation to war, just as would be the case if instead Russia had overthrown Mexico’s government and installed there a rabidly anti-US regime.

In this Big Lie, which reigns today and is almost universally believed in the US to be true, that bloody coup in Ukraine is simply ignored, and instead the focus is placed upon the peaceful and voluntary breakaway of Crimea from Ukraine, which breakaway actually resulted directly from that coup, which was the real precipitating-event for ’the new Cold War’ — the basis of the US-and-allied economic sanctions against Russia, and for the massing of NATO troops and weapons onto Russia’s borders, ready to invade Russia. (How would Americans feel if the Russian government did all of that, to us?)

The Big Lie today is this: that the reason for the economic sanctions against Russia, is that ‘Putin’ or Russia ‘stole’ or ‘conquered’ or ‘seized’ the Crimea region of Ukraine. The Big Truth, about the matter, is that US President Obama conquered Ukraine itself (all of it), via a February 2014 CIA coup that he had secretly started planning by no later than 2011, which on 20 February 2014 culminated with the violent overthrow of the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Yanukovych, who had won 90% of the votes in the far-eastern Donbass area of Ukraine, and 75% of the votes in the far-southern Crimea area of Ukraine, both of which intensely pro-Yanukovych regions refused to be ruled by the Obama-appointed rulers — the hard-right, fascist and rabidly anti-Russian, team that the Obama regime imposed upon Ukraine, after Obama’s agent Victoria Nuland told Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine on 4 February 2014, that «Yats» (Arseniy Yatenyuk), a hard-right and even racist anti-Russian Ukrainian politician, was to become appointed to run the country as soon as the coup would be over, which happened 23 days later (and Yatsenyuk did then receive the appointment and establish very hard-right anti-Russian policies — including massacres of ethnic Russians in Ukraine).

The legalities of the situation are as heinous on America’s side as the moralities are; and, yet, America’s vassal-states, in the EU and elsewhere, slavishly honor Obama’s sanctions against the victim-nation here, Russia (even while acknowledging that the residents of Crimea are overwhelmingly supportive of having separated themselves from Ukraine and grateful to Russia for now protecting them against the rabidly anti-Crimean US-imposed rulers of Ukraine). Furthermore: by no later than 26 February 2014, the leaders of the EU knew that the ‘revolution on the Maidan’ had, in fact, been a brutal coup, nothing at all ‘democratic’ — but decided to ignore that fact. So, they too are culpable in this, though not nearly to the extent that Obama is.

On Friday 21 July 2017, the anti-Russian Reuters ‘news’ (propaganda) agency headlined «Crimean scandal prompts Siemens to retreat from Russian energy» and reported that, «Germany’s Siemens tried to distance itself from a Crimean sanctions scandal on Friday, halting deliveries of power equipment to Russian state-controlled customers and reviewing supply deals. The industrial group said it now had credible evidence that all four gas turbines it delivered a year ago for a project in southern Russia had been illegally moved to Crimea, confirming a series of Reuters reports». The false underlying assumption in this propaganda-article was that the «scandal» it refers to had been initiated and perpetrated by Russia, not by the United States government (which initiated the sanctions against Russia, which Siemens and Russia are now being punished for). The Wikipedia propaganda site says in its article «Russian financial crisis (2014–2017)» that «The financial crisis in Russia in 2014-2015 was the result of the collapse of the Russian ruble beginning in the second half of 2014» and barely even mentions the economic sanctions, other than to say, «The second [reason for it] is the result of international economic sanctions imposed on Russia following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the Russian military intervention in Ukraine» — implying, but not stating, that Russia had started that war — which just happened to be on its doorstep, not on the doorstep of the US — as if Mexico had been taken over by an enemy nation and the people of America were being threatened, which is what this takeover by the US government was equivalent to for the Russian people: a very real and grave national-security threat to them.

The Reuters article simply ignored the fact that Ukraine had been seized by Obama, and it simply presumed that Crimea (and also Donbass) had been seized by Putin. (Furthermore, the appeal by Donbass to become a part of Russia, was declined by Putin on 17 September 2014. But, still, the lie is also being pumped by pro-US-regime ’news’media, that Russia is trying to steal Donbass from Ukraine’s government. The US team’s lying is beyond bizarre. Sometimes, by their using carefully veiled language to deceive without outright asserting their lies, they implicitly blame Russia regarding the impasse in Donbass, even three years after Putin said no to that appeal by the residents of Donbass. And, still: Russia, which had — despite the Obama regime’s refusal to participate — signed and even had helped set up the Minsk agreements to settle the war in Donbass, gets blamed in the US-allied press for what are actually Ukraine’s refusal to honor the commitments it had signed to there. As usual, the victims get blamed. And the Trump Administration says that «there should be no sanctions relief until Russia meets its obligations under the Minsk agreements». No good deed will go unpunished — ever.)

Nor has Reuters (nor the rest of the US regime’s press) reported that a power-struggle is now occurring in the post-coup Ukraine, between the overt nazis (or racist-fascists) there, and the post-coup (rump remaining Ukrainian-elected) (that’s the fascist but not outright nazi) elected government (in elections that excluded non-fascists). The fascists, whom the current US regime supports, are being attacked by the nazis. The nazis are being led by Dmitriy Yarosh, whose followers are unabashedly nazis and often even boldly flash German Nazi Party insignia. The US Obama regime was one of only three governments throughout the world that voted against a resolution that had been introduced in the United Nations condemning fascism, racism and denial of the Holocaust. The two other pro-Nazi nations were Ukraine, whose US-installed regime felt the resolution to be personally offensive even though it wasn’t specific to Ukraine and didn’t even mention Ukraine, and the other country was Canada, which is a US vassal-nation and also has a powerful community of Ukrainian Nazis who escaped Ukraine right after WW II ended in 1945. Canada’s current Foreign Minister, appointed by the Liberal Party’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is Chrystia Freeland, a racist-fascist who is proud of her Nazi grandparents and who championed in Canada the fascist takeover of Ukraine.

When the International Criminal Court issued, on 14 November 2016, its annual «Report on Preliminary Examination Activities», it included, on pages 34-43, a section on «Ukraine,» but considered only accusations that the Obama-installed Ukrainian government had lodged against Russia, and none of the demonstrated crimes (which are amply documented in the links herein), including the illegal coup, that the Obama regime had, in fact, perpetrated against not only the people of Ukraine, but the people of Russia next door; and the discussion by the ICC did not (such as an influential but grossly false Forbes article six days later headlined and yet provided no documentation for, «International Criminal Court: Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Is A ‘Crime,’ Not A Civil War») even allege that any «crime» had been committed by any party; but, nonetheless, the Russian government (which had never ratified the treaty that established the Court) condemned the report as being «one-sided,» which was an understatement, because the report included many gross falsehoods, outright lies, such as (and I boldface the falsehood):

«At the time of the start of the events that are the subject of the Office’s preliminary examination, the democratically-elected Government of Ukraine was dominated by the Party of Regions, led by President at the time, Viktor Yanukovych. The Maidan protests were prompted by the decision of the Ukrainian Government on 21 November 2013 not to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union».

As I and others have documented, the overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected President started well before that time, and the coup even was already being organized inside the US Embassy there by no later than 1 March 2013; and the US State Department had begun its work to prepare it, no later than 2011 — it didn’t simply ‘happen’. And it certainly wasn’t ‘democratic’; it ended whatever democracy Ukraine had. Furthermore, Yanukovych’s turn-down of the EU’s offer was, itself, a part of the Obama regime’s plan: Yanukovych had turned it down because the Ukrainian Academy of Science’s analysis of the EU’s offer (which had been prepared in accord with the US government’s urgings) had concluded that to accept the deal would produce losses for Ukraine of $160 billion.

This is the Big Lie straight out of hell, because, unless the United States acknowledges publicly that it has been lying, and that the anti-Russia sanctions that the US initiated, are based on that lie and should therefore never even have been imposed (and should not be honored anywhere), there will be war between Russia and the US Either those sanctions will be entirely lifted, or else nuclear war will inevitably result, because Russia will not forever tolerate having its economy squeezed to death on the basis of a clear lie. But how can such sanctions be ended unless the perpetrator — here, clearly, the US — publicly acknowledges that former US President Barack Obama, and his Administration, lied through their teeth, in order to impose them, in the first place? The US government would need to renounce, to the entire world, that former US President. Or else, WW III would seem to be well-nigh inevitable. This is an extremely serious matter, which isn’t so much as even being discussed — much less, debated. WW III could result from it, but it is entirely ignored. The Big Lie just continues to be promoted, instead of exposed.

Back on 20 February 2015, I headlined «Crimea: Was It Seized by Russia, or Did Russia Block Its Seizure by the US?» and, in the years since, the documentation that it was Obama not Putin who initiated (perpetrated) the new ‘Cold War’, has only increased. But the ‘news’media hide this fact (just as they hid that article), because they exist in order to pump the Big Lie, not to puncture it. (And, of course, that also is why they won’t publish this, though it, too, is sent to all of them free-of-charge to publish.)

Donald Trump condemns many of his predecessor’s actions and decisions and statements; but, on this one, which is the most important of them all and is blatantly a fraud (the blame for the entire catastrophe in Ukraine), Trump remains alternately supportive, and noncommittal, regarding Obama’s most enormous Big Lie. Now, after half a year in office, does he even care — or does he instead simply lack the courage?

It is clear what a real leader would do — expose and renounce that biggest of all Big Lies. Only a coward would not.

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Trump’s Psychopathy Threatens the Internal Stability of the United States and the World

By John Stanton

In the early 1800s, doctors who worked with mental patients began to notice that some of their patients who appeared outwardly normal had what they termed a moral depravity or moral insanity, in that they seemed to possess no sense of ethics or of the rights of other people. The term psychopath was first applied to these people around 1900. The brains of psychopaths have been found to have weak connections among the components of the brain’s emotional systems.” Psychology Today

Psychopaths show a lack of emotion, especially the social emotions, such as shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Hervey Cleckley [one of the first to diagnose the sickness in 1941] said that the psychopaths he came into contact with showed a general poverty in major affective reactions and a lack of remorse or shame. The Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R) describes psychopaths as emotionally shallow and showing a lack of guilt. Psychopaths are notorious for their lack of fear. They show blame externalization, i.e., they blame others for events that are actually their fault. Glibness, superficial charm, untruthfulness, insincerity, impulsiveness, outright pathological lying and devaluing speech by inflating and distorting it toward selfish ends [are character traits]. The psychopath [is adept at] conning others for personal profit or pleasure. Cleckley spoke of his psychopaths showing a pathologic egocentricity [an incapacity for love] and a parasitic lifestyle. Psychology Today

President Donald Trump’s pathological behavior at home is evidenced in his Tweets and speeches. His communication with the “outside world” is typically acerbic and vengeful. His recent “fire and fury” threat to North Korea was belligerent, foolhardy and dangerous. The president simply does not understand, or care, that his words matter. In this instance, financial markets around the world were rattled for a time. Moreover, Trump’s biblical sounding threat came a day before the US dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

Whether it’s slamming media reports as fake news or calling a sitting US senator a hustler, Trump always aims to debase. His closeted racist agenda towards Muslims, and, arguably, Blacks and Latino’s will nullify some of the gains America has made to achieve a measure of racial and gender equality. His ring kissing political appointees, with the exception of a couple of Marines, are buffoons whose only mission is the decimation of the US federal government which they hope leads to nationwide anarchy.

Fear and White Rage

Jeffrey St. Clair of Counterpunch digs deeper into the Trump psyche. He has written two must-read pieces. One spends a bit of time deconstructing Trump as a father and husband.

Another looks at some of Trump’s ignominious past. A gem from the latter piece is this:

He sells fear and white rage, as if he has scented the rot eating away inexorably at the core of the System he helped construct. Of course, he still markets himself as the nation’s top stud, the only figure man enough to eradicate the gravest threat to the Republic: Mexican immigrants. [This] is certainly a grandiose hypocrisy. The family fortune was built on immigrant labor. His father Fred boasted that his empire of suburban shacks was constructed by laborers ‘right off the boat,’ untainted by union membership. Donald followed the same reasoning at his own construction sites and in the low-wage jobs at his casinos and hotels.”

Donald’s Political and Governing Psychopathy Infects Executive Branch

Trump’s political and ideological psychopathy is similar to the creature in the movie Alien.

That monstrous “thing” is implanted into the actor John Hurt by a horseshoe crab-like critter that attaches itself to Hurt’s face. It uses Hurt as a host, siphoning off his life for its own. Ultimately, the Alien explodes out of Hurt’s chest/stomach area and scoots off somewhere into the spacecraft leaving Hurt dead. In the end, most of the crew of the spacecraft is killed.

Trump and most of his cronies exhibit the psychopathology of the Alien. They are slowly being implanted throughout the executive branch of the US government. They seek to eat away the guts of America’s federal institutions, agencies and departments by spreading their acidic ideology into the Departments of Agriculture and Education. It acts on the morale and effectiveness of civil servants like the acid fluid that flows from the Alien, melting through metal and burning human flesh. Trump’s 2018 budget is similar in purpose to the Alien’s inner jaw that destroys it human prey. Trump’s draconian budget and his use of the Congressional Review Act to reduce the federal government’s regulatory powers, along with his appointees who, for the most part, are callous money changers, serve as the Alien’s inner jaw.

Take, for example, the Trump administration and the Department of Energy (DOE). The DOE is one of the most important units of the federal government. It is on the frontlines of protecting America from weapons of mass destruction and in securing the fragmented electrical grid that the country depends on. DOE funded Tesla with seed money early on through a program called E-ARPA when Wall Street would not.

Michael Lewis of Vanity Fair writes a chilling story describing Trump’s political and ideological psychopathy at work in the $30 billion a year organization.

The Trump people didn’t seem to grasp, according to a former DOE employee, how much more than just energy the Department of Energy was about. They weren’t totally oblivious to the nuclear arsenal, but even the nuclear arsenal didn’t provoke in them much curiosity. ‘They were just looking for dirt, basically,’ said one of the people who briefed the Beachhead Team on national-security issues.  ‘What is the Obama administration not letting you do to keep the country safe?’  The briefers were at pains to explain an especially sensitive aspect of national security: the United States no longer tests its nuclear weapons. Instead, it relies on physicists at three of the national labs—Los Alamos, Livermore, and Sandia—to simulate explosions, using old and decaying nuclear materials.”

[There were a] handful of young ideologues [sent to the Department of Energy] who called themselves the Beachhead Team. ‘They mainly ran around the building insulting people,’ says a former Obama official. ‘There was a mentality that everything that government does is stupid and bad and the people are stupid and bad,’ says another. They allegedly demanded to know the names and salaries of the 20 highest-paid people in the national-science labs overseen by the DOE. They’d eventually, according to former DOE staffers, delete the contact list with the e-mail addresses of all DOE funded scientists—apparently to make it more difficult for them to communicate with one another. ‘These people were insane,’ says the former DOE staffer. ‘They weren’t prepared. They didn’t know what they were doing.’”

Lewis also noted in the Vanity Fair piece that the DOE was an agency that Rick Perry wanted to eliminate. Perry’s role as head of the department has been ceremonial and bizarre, Lewis added.

Over Here, Over There

National security extends far beyond the US Department of Defense and the nation’s intelligence agencies as a close study of the US Instruments of National Power show. The INP’s are typically broken down into sensible categories: Diplomacy, Intelligence, Military, Economic, Financial, Law Enforcement, Information and human capital. Any one of them is powerful in its own right but they all overlap. No nation can match the INP’s when they are used in totality. That said, severely weakening or abusing any one of them can break the links that bind them together.

Take the INP Diplomacy, for example. Trump’s sleepy Secretary of State Rex Tillerson seeks to eliminate many functions within the Department through a 30 percent budget cut. One example of those reductions would be direct funding for quasi- and non-governmental organizations that serve niche missions, the Los Angeles Times reported. One group that will be hit is The American Jewish World Service who said much of its work would be jeopardized, according to the report. The group fights poverty all over the world through 450 local organizations. Tillerson’s State Dept. budget is a paltry $37.6 (for contrast purposes, note that Trump signed a $110 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia in May 2017).

Not listed specifically in the INP’s is Education. Here too, Trump wants to cut out approximately 14 percent of the Department of Education’s budget. That’s just one salvo in the Administration’s quest to privatize public education. There is, perhaps, no more insidious program than the one to let public education systems die out across the land. If the Trump people get their way, the education system in the United States will become financially and racially segregated, again. All the INP’s depend on a solid system of liberal and scientific education if the nation is to prosper. If the US does not take care of its people, and its infrastructure, the INP’s weaken across the board as those left behind come to believe that there is no future for them (job, health insurance, roof over the head) in the American way of life, what’s the point of their participation in a system that has left them as road kill?

False Prophet: Trump

Trump is a false prophet. Those motivated to support him will come to understand that his psychopathy and his presence in the Oval Office will, if not checked, lead not to civil war, but a wicked malaise throughout the land. The nation will devolve into tribes: A military-industrial tribe, an evangelical tribe, a progressive tribe, tribes based on race and ethnicity, corporate tribes, or displaced tribes, wealthy tribes. In this scenario, tribes are stove-piped and rarely interact other than perhaps through trade. The tribes that make up the country become drug addled, not unlike the Opioid epidemic underway, due in large part to unemployment and existential despair, according to Governing.

It’s not simply about the rise of a new class of addictive drugs that now take the lives of some 91 Americans every day. The opioid crisis is a jobs crisis; it’s an affordable housing crisis. The same forces that have reshaped the economy over the past decade have left a void that’s been filled, in many places, by opioids. A University of Pennsylvania study after last November’s election found that President Trump had over performed in counties with the highest rates of “deaths of despair,” which include suicide, drug overdose and alcohol poisoning. It supports the fact that there are many Americans who feel left behind by the changing economy, and who fundamentally don’t believe the current political and policy framework is helping them.”

Trump’s two pronged national security strategy for the world seems to be this: Fire and fury and trade wars abroad, and incite domestic unrest at home. It is not all President Trump’s fault, of course. He is what he is, a psychopath. In the end, Americans will come to realize they need to demand more of each other and those they elect to represent them. In times of crisis, the United States tends to produce great leaders. There is no one out there yet.

Jefferson always said he thought a little revolution now and then is necessary. That revolution is coming. Americans need to get their s**t together.

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