Pancakes filled with cottage cheese (блин и творог)

I have put together this recipe before, but this is just too simple and too wonderful not to give another recipe for these Russian taste treats. This is a better recipe that I have altered. I am just not into major kitchen work anymore and the easier the better…

Who does not love pancakes?

I intentionally cut the sugar way back. We eat too much sugar in stuff and life is better without being too sweet… 😉

Ingredients: For the pancakes

250 g flour
500 g milk
10 g sugar
pinch of salt
3 eggs

Ingredients: For the cottage cheese filling

400 grams cottage cheese
2 eggs
(If you have a sweet tooth, added about 20 grams of sugar and or what ever you desire.)

Grab a big bowl: Mix eggs, salt and sugar in the bowl. Then add the milk and flour and continue to hand mix. (Wire whip helps.) Then after a few minutes, add the oil and mix aggressively and you will see it smooth out from the addition of the oil. (No! You need to whip it more! Okay that is better…. Is it thin like water? No! Add tiny bit more milk!)

Now: Heat (medium temp.) up a oiled frying pan, before adding the pancake batter, also add a little bit of oil between every pancake. (Simply, pour the mixture thinly into the hot frying pan.) Turn the pancakes over and fry until brown on both sides. These are thin like crepes…

Once you have fried all the thin pancakes, stack and set aside…

Strain the cottage cheese (if it contains liquid.) Better yet use a dry curd cottage cheese. Mix with eggs, (you can add sugar if desired.) Mix it well…

Place one table spoon of cottage cheese mixture in the middle of the pancake and fold around it to wrap it up. Fry in the already hot frying pan, with oil, on the sealed side first. Fry for a few minutes, then turn over and fry until slightly crispy. I flip them three or four times and even set them on edge if needed. You want to make them crispy, not burnt…

Serve with sour cream and or caviar…


PS: Yes you can pour honey, jam, syrup and all that good stuff on top of them. But do not blame me if you grow outwards instead of upwards…

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