President Medvedev Gives 2012 New Years address to Russia…

Dear people of Russia,

Dear friends,

In a few moments the Kremlin tower chimes will strike and we will wish each other a Happy New Year. Now a festive mood and a very special atmosphere reign in every home across the country.

Traditionally, we use these moments to bid farewell to the outgoing year. It was not an easy year but its outcomes for our country have been positive. This was the result of our joint efforts, and what next year will bring also depends on us.

Exactly 20 years ago, we celebrated our first New Year in a country called Russia – a name glorified by the remarkable achievements of our great ancestors, who over the centuries have built a huge and mighty power, our great country. It is our duty to preserve it and to build a progressive state, where all of us have the opportunity lead comfortable lives and carry out stimulating and interesting work.

Yes, we are all different, but this is precisely where our strength lies. It also lies in our ability to hear, understand and respect each other, to overcome challenges together and achieve success.

Dear friends,

The New Year is approaching. It’s time to open the champagne and make wishes. Tonight I wish health and prosperity to you and your loved ones, for your lives to be full of love and all your dreams to come true.

Believe in yourself, and I believe in each one of you. We will succeed!

Happiness to all of you!

Happy Holiday! Happy New Year 2012!

kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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