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Proud of Ecuador and Ashamed of Britain’s Response…

Ecuador has granted political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The decision comes almost two months after the world-famous whistleblower came to the country’s embassy in London seeking protection…


The British government has stated is has absolutely no intention of letting Assange reach the South American country. The UK said that it will do everything in its power to block Assange’s passage to Ecuador…

Even if it is against the International Laws? That is my question and I also ask, “Even if you attack a countries Embassy?”

Have a nice day and we shall see what Britain does over this…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Phil August 17, 2012

    Let’s be clear – Assange is not actually facing ANY charges in ANY jurisdiction anywhere – he is merely ‘wanted for questioning’ in Sweden. Big difference, HUGE difference actually.

    – Phil, Sydney, Australia

  2. Marvin August 17, 2012

    Foreign Secretary William Hague said asylum was being used ‘for the purposes of escaping the regular processes of the courts errrrrrr not so our William, it’s being used to prevent persecution against trumped up charges. It was a different cry when it suited the foreign office and British politicians to protest about Aung San Sou Chi being held under house arrest in Burma. Whats the difference here, none. William get a grip and allow the guy to leave, then resign so you can heap no further shame on Britain

  3. Ronald Wheeler August 17, 2012



    If the UK invades the embassy, is this a declaration of war against Equador? I believe it is!

  4. ruslan o. August 18, 2012

    2 women in Sweden would like to see Mr. Assange answer a few questions in Sweden. What is the big deal, if he is as innocent as he states. Maybe Julian is afraid of those parachuting teddy bears that attacked Belarus a few weeks ago. Yes, Sweden is a very scary country.

    Isn’t Sweden where they send female punk bands to jail for 2 years and murders to house arrest 2 years?

  5. admin Post author | August 18, 2012

    ruslan o. – you seem to be very Confused Huh? Try a little more research and you will get it correct…

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