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Putin and his Russia don’t deserve the bad rap…

Putin and his Russia don’t deserve the bad rap.
In the right light, we see Russia and Putin have taken some undue heat. Here’s a look at some of the most serious accusations leveled at Putin and his Russia.

One of the rare good articles that came out of the Western Media. In fact as the comments on the article say:

Unexpected source of objective and truthful information about Russia…

One of the few decent articles about Russia…

Can’t believe that this comes from a person with an anglo-saxon name. What about a good old cold war spirit?

I totally agree with author. Only true facts and no russophobic fiction. Thank you for this surprising article!

Of course there is the regular dictator trash comments that always appear as if by magic…

But I was thinking the same thing as many of the comments and kept waiting for the finality of hate to appear. It never did appear and it was actually a good article…

I could not believe that someone got it from the Western press and even from the “The Christian Science Monitor”…

Who would have thunk it?

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

Article: Putin and his Russia don’t deserve the bad rap

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