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Putin Quote of the Day… Sept. 3rd, 2014

“On my way here from [the city of] Blagoveschensk to Ulan-Bator [Mongolia], I outlined some ideas and plan of actions. It’s here, but in handwriting,” Putin told reporters.

1. Militias should cease military advances in the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.

2. Pro-Kiev armed forces should withdraw to a distance that excludes the possibility of shelling settlements.

3. Implement full and objective international control over ceasefire observation and monitoring.

4. Exclude the use of combat aircraft against civilians and villages.

5. Prisoner/captive-exchange via an ‘all-in-all’ formula, without preconditions.

6. Humanitarian corridors for refugees movement and delivery of humanitarian aid across Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.

7. Direct repair-crew access to destroyed social and transit infrastructure with supportive aid.

Damn I wish America had a president who worries more about the people than golfing, partying and lying all the time…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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  1. Arvind Ramanujam September 4, 2014

    The western media seems to have gone on a full-blast of propaganda. I happened to read the world news and it read something like ‘Russia-Ukraine war-ending peace-accord’ The article talks about how the pro-Russian revolutionaries are fighting the Ukrainian government — as if the present Ukrainian government has come about legitimately.

    I chanced to see and hear that Australia is selling India Uranium. Lol. So, NATO countries have started wooing India to prevent it from building the BRICS? I think they have a good chance of success because the nationalistic Narendra Modi government is as stupid as it is dangerous.

    In my view, Russia is no better a friend of India than Ukraine since they were both part of the Soviet Union that helped India. And I think NATO would think in the same way — all this aid to Ukraine is hogwash — it’s just to divide further the already divided countries of the former Soviet Union.

    My intention is not to take sides though I might have some tendencies from the past. I’m not against the western countries but they will not get my support now (not that my support is of any use). The majority of westerners are a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites. I can tell this because I’m also to some extent a self-righteous hypocrite and some of it is due to western influence.

    In the coming years, I predict the American empire to dissolve like the British; Britain itself facing a situation similar to what France faced in the hands of Hitler (needing to be saved by allies); India and China developing into rival super powers with India being more politically correct but morally lacking, Islam evolving and regenerating, Africans growing and the Moon waxing and waning like everything else. I guess you don’t need to be a Nostradamus for foreseeing this.

    Kyle, perhaps I’m wrong but I think you shouldn’t take sides. You have a wonderful wife and a chance to be peaceful. I think I read that you were/are in the Peace corps. You don’t need unnecessary enemies. None would want to or can hurt you unless you provoke or react to them. That is what I do. You are older and far more experienced than me and you should know better.

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