Putin: “the dollar monopoly is unreliable”

“We need to increase the level of our economic sovereignty but this is not a straightforward decision,” the Putin said. “Oil is traded in dollars on the exchange,” He said. “Certainly, we are thinking about what we need to do in order to get free of this burden. Furthermore, our partners are helping us by introducing all these unlawful restrictions and violating principles of the global trade, because the whole world sees the dollar monopoly is unreliable; it is dangerous for many, not only for us,” Putin said…


“This is not merely a separation from the dollar; this refers to the need of strengthening our economic sovereignty,” said Putin.


“Our gold and foreign currency reserves undergo diversification and we will continue to do it,” Putin added.

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As a US citizen, I deplore the level of spending by my government. Especially when it is now clear that the Obama administration spent millions USD, maybe a lot more, turning the government into an election influencing organization. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. And to disparage Russia. The scapegoating was ridiculous to begin with. I understood that the entire story was a lie from the beginning. But the willful ignorance by so many in the West who want to believe this crap is beyond me. To see the work by true journalists, such as yourself and Judicial Watch, expose the like of… Read more »