In Russia it is said that chickens are milked, and cows carry eggs. (A mockery of those who believe ridiculous rumors.)

Ready, Packed, Sipping Chicory and on to Turkey

I thought I would take a moment and make a last post for a few days. So I brewed myself a cup of chicory, added cream and am doing some thinking’s while sipping that cup of chicory. It looks like we are ready for that trip to Turkey…

Sveta’s son just came by and got all the stuff that he needs to take care of Boza. Boza was so excited to see Misha and it looks like Misha was truly happy to see Boza. I think that Misha enjoys the time alone away from the rest of the family and I know that Boza likes Misha almost as much as us. Boza probably likes Sveta’s mom more than any of us, but Misha wanted to watch Boza…

We have a 8 am flight Sunday morning and will get to Turkey at 10 am. It actually is a 3 hour trip but we have an hour difference in time zones. Then we have about a 2 hour trip to the hotel from the international airport. We should get to the hotel just in time for lunch…

I have been looking at the temperatures in Turkey. It is so much warmer there, than here in Moscow. It has been +5c at night and +10c in the day in Moscow. In Turkey it looks like it has been +25-30c in the day and +15 or so at night. We are looking forward to those temperatures…

So the next post will be from Turkey. I have a couple of post that are per-scheduled and they will post on their own. But they are older posts that I have found and need to be put back into the system properly. As we go on this trip Windows to Russia has officially/unofficially reached 3000 posts. I have been going half way in between what is and what should be. If you remember correctly when Blogger Blogspot by Google tried to shut us down and block the blog, we lost way over 250 posts in the process. So I make it an even 200 posts and split the difference. We just hit 2905 with this post and I do it this way so that I never forget what Blogger did to Windows to Russia. It just was not right… 🙁

I want to thank everyone for reading Windows to Russia. It just had a record month in readership. Sometimes I wonder why I do it? But once in awhile I get a comment on an e-mail that makes me realize that people are listening and people are reading. I realize that I am not the most social person and as such I am not a game player on these social networks and such. I do not also play games and comment all over the web just to get links. I simple tell what is happening in my little world in Russia and that simply is all that I can do. Sometimes those thinking’s of mine are not always centered on Russia, but that is all the same because I am in Russia and these are my thoughts in Russia…

Thank you for the thousands of readers a day that come to Windows to Russia. You are why I am writing all these posts… 🙂

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia

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[…] Ready, Packed, Sipping Chicory and on to Turkey ( […]

[…] Ready, Packed, Sipping Chicory and on to Turkey ( […]

[…] Ready, Packed, Sipping Chicory and on to Turkey ( […]

[…] Ready, Packed, Sipping Chicory and on to Turkey ( […]