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Real Syrian targets of France, Britain and USA…

“The real targets of the attacks of the US, Britain and France on April 14 were not only Barzah and Jaramani research facilities, but also Syrian military infrastructure, including airfields,” Major-General Igor Konashenkov, a Defense Ministry spokesman, said during a briefing in Moscow. “None of the airfields suffered significant damage” in the attack due to being protected by the air defense systems, he added.

Source: Real targets of US-led strike were Syrian airfields, not research centers – MoD — RT World News

The strike was an act of war. It was an aggressive first strike by one state against another in violation of the principle of respect for the sovereignty of countries. The peoples of the world have been demanding renunciation of such acts by one state against another for a long time and the demand has even been reflected in international law as a result of the horrors of WW2. I don’t think it was premature, I oppose it all together, without reservation or equivocation…


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