Recipe From Russia: Chanterelle Mushrooms and Sour Cream! (Yummy)


In Russia there are two foods that all Russians love. Mushrooms and sour cream. This is a recipe that gives the best of both…

* Chanterelles – wild or farm raised!Windows to Russia!
* 0.5 lb sour cream (fat percent your choice)


Rinse Mushrooms (some people soak in a very mild salty solution of water over night) to get all bugs and debris out.

Drain the mushrooms before use so that there is no liquid left and let sit to drain another 5 minutes. Re – drain mushrooms again.

(You can substitute store bought can variety – just drain well before use. Remember that any mushroom that is your favorite can be used instead. Warning: Wild Mushrooms are potentially deadly if you are not sure what you are picking!)

Fry in a skillet at medium temperature with a bit of butter till they acquire a slight golden brown tint.

Then add sour cream and simmer for 5-7 minutes on a medium-slow heat, mixing it all the time.

This is just too simple for how wonderfully delicious it is.


Windows to Russia!
Kyle & Svet

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