In Russia it is said that chickens are milked, and cows carry eggs. (A mockery of those who believe ridiculous rumors.)

Rich foreigners came to hunt the inhabitants of Donbass in 2014 (VIDEO) – Богатые иностранцы приезжали поохотиться на жителей Донбасса в 2014 году (ВИДЕО)

В самом начале войны зажиточные люди из западных стран платили очень серьезные деньги за стрельбу по «живым мишеням». – At the very beginning of the war, wealthy people from Western countries paid very serious money for firing at “live targets

Source: Богатые иностранцы приезжали поохотиться на жителей Донбасса в 2014 году (ВИДЕО – Video)


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  1. After the USA invited Russia to jump in and fill her boots this time, and then Syria inviting Russia to come help out. What the hell is the USA up to? No good again as plain as ever. Trying to start that war so many said they wanted. Our allies started this mess. Saudi Arabia hired goons, gave them chemical weapons and sent them into Syria as promised. Those guys were proud to serve and made their own videos of the attacks. Even the chemical attacks. It was an accident one of them said on video. The weapon does not come with instructions and no one showed them how to use it. Yes civilians died, and so did rebels. ISIS was planned by our allies and we supplied them. This all began over a “NO” vote to allow Saudi to run a pipeline through Syria to Turkey. Israel sayd it has the right to defend itself? Against what? A hypathetical self created threat. Syria is an invaded country. It has the right to get help and squash that shit. Israel is against that. Saudi is against that. Turkey is against that. USA is against that. Russia is ordering other countries to BACKOFF!!!! This is a huge war by many of our allies with no declarations of war. Just an Illegal war fueled by a group of elites to destroy Syria for personal gain. So Iran Syria Russia, all going to be in 1 huge planned war against Thanks to Turkey, Saudi, this is a massive race war. Sunni’s are desperately trying to eliminate that Sheite wedge between their 2 countries and Yemen to the South. The Iranian beach head.. We need to get our Governments to back off!!! We are in the extreme way wrong.

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