RS-24 Yars ballistic missile…

Type Intercontinental ballistic missile
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service July 2010
Used by Russia
Production history
Designer Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology
Manufacturer Votkinsk Machine Building Plant
Range approx. 11,000km
Location mobile

Warhead MIRVed, not less than 4 – 550 kT warheads

Engine solid propellant
Speed Mach 13+
Mobile launcher (MAZ-7917)

The RS-24 Yars is a new-generation intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple warheads. The ICBM has been designed to replace the Soviet-era SS-18 and SS-19 missiles…

The Yars missile has been designed for deployment both in silos and on mobile platforms. Together with the Topol-M single-warhead ICBM, the Yars is slated to constitute the core of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces in the future…

Minimum of 4 – 550kt warheads and able to reach 11,000km.

The American Minuteman LGM-30G has a 6,000-plus miles (5,218 nautical miles) range. Up to 12 warheads per missile…

The American LGM-118A Peacekeeper had a 5,200 nmi (9,600 km; 6,000 mi) range. Capable of 10 re-entry vehicles each carrying a 300 KT…

The Russian Topol-M has a 11,000 km (6,800 mi) range. Single Single 550 kT warhead…

Looks like the RS-24 Yars walks and talks with the big boys…