Rumors Abound in Russia: Or Are They Rumors…

While many Russians are not huge believers in God, they do have a huge connection to their church and in Russia, church is The Orthodoxy…

You won’t find a Russian car without her icons and you will find that many Russians carries a icon in pocket. I myself have leaned toward Orthodoxy and have the icons in our car and I carry several icons in my wallet/bag. I guess you could say that I don’t believe in messing with what works…

So what I am going to talk about has to do with the Russian Orthodox Church…

It started as a rumor and has now become literally a fact and after doing days of studying, it has been shown to me that several NGO’s have been behind the shenanigans called Pussy Riot and these NGO’s are American sponsored. To the tune of millions of dollars and that money has been spent to cause issues, because Russia refuses to play Americas little Syria game…

It is called smoke screening and since the Middle East is starting to become a sore spot with Americans, Russia has fallen back into the bad guy limelight. Western Main Stream Media is working overtime and you would have thought when it came to the Pussy Riot situation, that Pussy Riot was sweet little god blessed angles and Putin personally crucified them himself. All in the name of the Devil himself as his sidekick…

Now Russia is responding and the response is what I would expect Russians to do if someone keeps messing with their country…

Acts of sponsored vandalism is being propagated and churches are being vandalized, such as in the Pussy Riot issue. This vandalism’s financing has been traced back to certain NGO’s, the same NGO’s that are being watched closely by the government of Russia. All American sponsored…

Russians are taking it upon themselves to protect their churches and that is just right. Their church is not Catholic, not Baptist, not Methodist and not one of the hundred others. In Russia, with the exception of a few stragglers, Russian Orthodox rules and that is that…

Activist groups are now forming to protect the churches and they say they will work in conjunction with the law. They are tired of blasphemy, or seeing individuals behaving aggressively toward priests and the church as a whole…

It is through the arresting of several individuals that the connections are being associated with the NGO’s and church related issues. Pussy Riot was just the icing on the cake and all the stuff that Pussy Riot did up to the point of the famous act of stupidity, is fresh in everyone’s minds in Russia…

Church in Russia is kinda like the Uncle in the family, you know the Uncle that everyone likes but does not worry about! Well that is until someone messes with him and then true to family ties, everyone comes out of the woodwork and protects him…

I can promise you that it has gone from rumor to fact now and the result is a Russia that is very very tired of external interference in everyday Russian affairs. The more external interference happens, the more that the Russia people will bind together…

I hate to tell America this, but that is the opposite of what they are trying to achomplish…

Russian Orthodoxy is fine for a Russian to complain about, but heaven forbid as the NGO’s playing games are finding out…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given...

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Thank You for your infomation on this subject after reading I have ben able to connect the dots. We here in the USA are experencing some of the same meddkingfrom such players as G. Soros. Now I am beging to understand what is happening to our ccountry. Thank YOu and God Bless.



You are welcome!

Anderson Thomas

A junior high school analysis and report, America is not behind anything in Russia. At Fatima Mary the mother of God said Russia would spread her error through the world. The world is steeped in blood and stench of death, spread by Russia. Mr. Keeton would be intellegent to point out that Masonic forcers are causiing problems everywhere including Russia by trying to ignite WWIII in Syria and Iran as we write. Get it straight America dosen’t have means or desire to create pussy riots in Russia. It is that same Old Putin KGB lead satanist who are stiring it… Read more »


Anderson Thomas: Thanks, I know I hit the spot – when I get responses like this! I am glad that it was worth your time to comment, because that is what I was trying to get for a response and you provided it! A true anti-Russian, true to form, from America response. You really think America does not have the means? Bothers you that I tell the truth and I feel that is sad… Thanks I try to write at Jr. High level, so that my target audience, can try to read it! So it looks like I hit the… Read more »

Anderson Thomas

Kyle, Glad I could oblige you. Possessing three college degrees, The first in agriculture then science and Secondary Ed Social Studies it is taxing for me to read at the Junior High level. As a well informed Roman Catholic may I commend the Eastern Orthodox church on their spirituality. Having spent the last 20 years steeped in eschatological studies, History, theology and spirituality I have by the grace of God been gifted with far better grasp of world events and the times we are living in than most poor souls. And that would include a pretty good knowledge of your… Read more »


Hi from the States, Yeah I kind of agree about the NGO’s fomenting trouble in Russia though Im no fan of Mr Putin. It was in incredibly BAD taste for the band to pull such a stunt in a sacred church. Im Roman Catholic and it would provoke a similiar reaction here from even the most tepid Christian if that were to happen in the US. The NGO’s are cultural secularists from here in the West…the Madonna’s and Lady Gaga’s of the world as well as our putrid mainstream press. To perform a political concert inside one of Russia’s more… Read more »

António Machado

Putin is a believer. Obama, Hillary and company are worshipers of the calf. I hope Anderson Thomas understand this language. He should, after all he referenced Our Lady of Fatima.


Touche’ to Administration Even tho the translation is not perfect, you did indeed get the TRUE point across. After years of researching the UGgov/mility/covert branches such as seeIaye/fbi/nsa et al they donimate, but not alone, the driving force that Russia adhears to which is the Peaceful lack of resistance of negotion/diplomany and ‘playing by the rules’ when those efforts have dwindled. Russia, under Vladmire Putin will have the strength and fortitude via Negotion to hopefully end the sanctions given Iran which causes disruption allowing them to interject their “once enemy” and now Ally AlQuaeda to further cause unrest in the… Read more »


Karin now that tells it like it is!



António Machado! Thanks and they definitely worship the calf, the golden calf…



All this Russia-bashing from Americans is a joke. We, in America, celebrate homosexuality with “Gay Pride” parades while in Russia, those trying similar marches are manhandled and jailed for “corrupting our youth”. A national holiday was recently announced in Russia commemorating the founding of Christianity there while in America we force Catholic hospitals to pay for abortive contraceptives for employees. It goes ON and ON for the saber rattlers in America, where God is mocked.

Anderson Thomas

Understand the Golden calf quite well in fact Wall Streets stock market symbol is the bull ie, (golden calf) worldly materialism. As for Hillary and Obumma they are dyed in the wool Marxist of the worst kind. Their progressive socialist philosophy is just nice words for back door communist. “Old fishermen recognize on another from afar” (an an old saying from your part of the world) They are one in spirit with Putin. They are all Megalomaniacs and seeking absolute power. And your mad hatter Putin is threatening to put nukes back in Cuba. Lucky it is Buck Obumma in… Read more »


As a Roman Catholic, I’m embarassed by Anderson Thomas’s arrogance and condescension. What a jerk.
Kyle, you are gracious and courageous. Keep up the good work.

Thomas you are brilliant . You will be in my prayers forever. My ancestry on my mothers side is Ukranian . Anyone of Ukranian ancestry knows that the Russian goverment is correct and has evil desires. God bless you Thomas


Marie: Thanks and come back this week! I will be posting about a Village that we visit in Russia. It is called Sunrise to Freedom. We have a little village home and we are making our last visit to get it ready for the Winter…

Thanks for coming by!


Padraig Caughe

Sadly people in the West are often propaganda victims of their own governments and it is write to point this out.

Sadly Russians may also be propaganda victims of their own Governments as well….as someone who fought a useless war in Afghanistan should know all too well.

Writing an article that could well have come straight from the Kremlin does not argue for objective thinking and I can see how you ended up the last soldier leaving.


John: I agree a 100%! Thanks very much for stopping by! Yes this sight gets tremendous Russian bashing! The fact that I talk good about Russia and like what I find in Russia and even find that Russia is better than America in many ways, riles up people to the max in America. I find that Russia is so much like the old America, that it is very comfortable to live here…

Thanks again…



The 99% VS the 1% – A battle to be fought and won with truth and unity! The people have finally started to come together. You cannot convince me that tiny Iceland can handle the “Cabal” and WE cannot! Now is the time to join forces with those you would not normally consider. THEY win as long as they can keep us divided and focused on diversions like Left vs Right. Others have carried the load of exposing this corrupt activity for years. Now we the people NEED to come together and make it a major issue in the news… Read more »

American Patriot

God gave the USA the right to do as it pleases. I for one will love the day that we **** can the whole world and turn the world into a parking lot for our cars. Russia is most likely the biggest pile of **** that ever graced the earth. **** you Russia and may you all rot in hell! Praise the USA and we are the greatest!


American Patriot: Hope that you feel better now?


I will say that the people of Russia have more faith in God than the people here in the US. It wasnt always this way but since the 90’s and the fall of the old Soviet Union, the people there have definitely rediscovered their religious roots; America on the other hand with a big assist by the current administration, has gone in the direction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Anderson Thomas

Thank you Tess for your prayers. I need them, so many of us have some tall mountains to climb in a short time. We have a awesome Ukrainian rite man who is ordained as a Roman Catholic priest serving our diocese. A good pheasant hunting bud And Tess if you could also remember my friend Leanne in prayer to the Madonna I would appreciate that. She is a Canadian who has fallen away from the faith into the cult of Jehovah witness Tess I like short antidotal stories so if you have the time Tess I would enjoy a paragraph… Read more »

António Machado

Thomas, you can not see that Putin is currently the major obstacle in the way of those who want to lead us to worship the golden calf? That is to say the ones who want us totally corrupt. Also it is true that Putin will not be able to prevent the progression of this perverse people. But at least he will try. In the end, what really matters is where each of us will be able to locate at the moment of truth, that is the moment of our death.


It saddens me to see so much effort put forth in the arguing of who is a believer, and who is not, who believes more, and which of our brothers are evil. I’m reminded that in Revelation, Satan is referred to as “the accuser of our brethren” and the passage in the letter to the Ephesians which states: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. The message of Fatima was one calling for… Read more »

It is I only

Anderson Thomas : You said, Possessing three college degrees, The first in agriculture then science and Secondary Ed Social Studies it is taxing for me to read at the Junior High level.
So that doesn’t make you intelligent,only that you were educated beyond your intelligence!
But be happy that you’re not alone the western world is full of educated morons posing as academics!


time is that some times correct, is correct and ihave been paid to run streets to toss calf, may youall wonder who pay? our uncle who is sam

russia is good except we have much game, ieven pick dollar at embasy door,

was game to us now over done, uncle who is sam has invite very bad persons to play game,

mother russia just right go home uncle,


There are many here in the USA who are expecting persecution by those so called liberals who are actively plotting to take away freedom of religion, speech, marginalization of the natural family as instituted by God from the beginning including loss of foods and property if the current administration remains i power.


I’d be interested to take a look at the sources you used in your research as I wasn’t aware of this viewpoint.

What I took away from your analysis is that US foreign policy uses NGOs as vehicles to direct both ideology and millions of dollars towards the goal of abusing the Russian Orthodox church as a punishment for not bowing to American foreign policy demands in Syria.

Is this a fair cause & effect summary of the Russian perspective on this issue?


Mr Anderson Thomas..

AS a wwll informed Roman Catholic I am sure you know that the Visible Catholic Novus Ordo Church is not the True Catholic Church? I pray you attend the True Mass with Validly Ordained Priest’s….You are correct in what Our Lady of Fatima revealed…Now Read Our Lady Of LaSallette…the true church is in eclipse…and ye the US an and it’s satanic agents are capable of anything…


My heart goes out to the three Russian women who comprise the Russian rock band, Pussy Riot. They were brutally deceived and used by the Washington-financed NGOs that have infiltrated Russia. Pussy Riot was sent on a mission that was clearly illegal under statutory law. You have to admire and to appreciate the spunk of the women. But you have to bemoan their gullibility. Washington needed a popular issue with which to demonize the Russian government for standing up to Washington’s intention to destroy Syria, just as Washington destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, and as Washington intends to destroy Lebanon… Read more »


The article is worth reading,Thank you very much! I will keep your new articles

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Keep on working, great job!