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Russia: $665 billion has been set aside for the state arms procurement…

Russian military to buy 36 ICBMs, 2 missile subs in 2011…

14:16 18/03/2011 The Russian Defense Ministry will buy 36 strategic ballistic missiles, two strategic missile submarines and 20 strategic cruise missiles this year, Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said on Friday.>>

Didn’t I just have an article on Russian: Boys and Their Toys!

Looks like they will have lots of big toys to play with and destroy things with.

  • 36 strategic ballistic missiles
  • 2 strategic missile submarines
  • 20 strategic cruise missiles
  • 5 spacecraft
  • 35 warplanes
  • 109 helicopters
  • 21 missile defense systems
  • 3 multi role nuclear powered submarines
  • 1 surface warship

But I do not see any German tanks that they want… 🙂

Windows to Russia!

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