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Russia: America – Wake Up America?

thinkWake-up America:

It’s starting to get a bit depressing to say you’re from America, when people in Russia ask you. I almost always have to qualify the “yes,” in the past it was, “I too think George Bush is an idiot,” but now we have moved on to a president of parallelism, “I too think Obama is an idiot!” Then with added assurance, “We got what we voted for and that is the state of affairs in the U.S!”

What’s most depressing about America these days is that folks are either too scared to stand-up for the beliefs (e.g. Liberals) or they are so strident and fundamentalist as to sound almost crazy (e.g. Dick Cheney and the whole Conservative neocon movement). It’s gotten so scary in America that the neocons would say that this blog post is anti-American…

Sorry, but I’m not anti-American, I’m just anti-neocon America (i.e. the ideology that America is “the best” and that it’s the job of the American government to pursue its interests regardless of the cost)…

If you are silent and hiding behind your door, you condone all that is happening and as the saying goes, “If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem…”

What the hell happened to my America that I once knew and loved? That America that the whole world loved and admired is gone. America is falling apart at the seams…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Mike December 10, 2014

    Dear Kyle:

    Even though I can understand your bitter disappointment in the current state of affairs, I feel compelled to remind you that every nation sooner or later has to pass through valleys littered with ignorance. And such a dark vale is now unfolding and becoming glaringly visible from all corners of our precious planet. The lone wanderer to descend into its embracing arms this time: the West, led by a vainglorious America.

    America, however, is still a fairly young nation. What used to define America at her core were independent spirits and rugged individualists who could fend for themselves. But soon industrialism set in, slowly building up wealth for everyone. It was that wealth that started to corrode society, first in small waves, then as the tsunami that is now rearing as it moves towards the shore – where it is bound to collapse. The more people have the more they fear losing it. And once fear has mounted to unbearable levels, man and woman alike trade freedom for security, turn from god to mammon, thereby losing all and everything in the process. America is now experiencing its own coming-of-age story. All the other, older nations have been at this point before. Now it’s Americas turn.

    Instead of bashing it, however, we should be at her side, as ridiculous as this may sound to you. Each and every one of us has been and is part of this problem that has compounded over the last 60 plus years of decision making. Hubris comes right before the fall. But bashing and pointing out the cracks in the system should only be done for a while. In order to really move forward, let’s focus on those brave people who are stepping forth to do their part of seeking solutions. This is not done by telling your neighbors and fellow countrymen what they are doing wrong. Instead, let’s show them what can be done to get the situation back under control, even if it already appears to be too late for that.

    Thus, giving people a true, benign purpose in life is worth more than scorning them. I already see this approach working in the West – on both sides of the Atlantic. Young Americans and Europeans are increasingly and actively working on shaping new communities where neighbors are friends and not competitors in some mindless rat race. They need all the support they can get. It is probably too late to avert a calamity, and the West as we know it will have to start from scratch after the collapse, but the more young people can be swayed to work on feasible, yet humble solutions, the better for the world in the long run. Even in troubling times as these, we ought to emphasize the good news over the bad. Human psychology is wired for the positive aspects of life. We can all help cool down bellicose rhetoric and foster mutual tolerance: by circulating pictures and stories of life styles that thrive on less material wealth but on twice the happiness.

    I therefore urge you to cut down on aggressive wording. It only keeps driving a wedge into rift that has been opened between East and West. If you really want to take part in change, show people what humanity is truly about: more photos depicting sincere smiles and people living humble lives might be a good start. You are in the unique position of telling and showing the world that Russians are as great as Americans. And both mindsets, and all the other mindsets out there, are dearly needed if we want to save the world for posterity.

    “No country can be reformed by the people who hate it. The haters can supply useful criticism. But only those who have affection for the national ideal can persuade a people to reform.”

    Quote by: Herbert Agar (Who Owns America: A New Declaration of Independence; 1936 Houghton Mifflin Company)

  2. Dani December 30, 2014

    Well, I can say that here in EU more and more people start hating the USA too. US ambassadors start telling us what to do, what to think!!!…more and more US propaganda in our media…it is becoming quite difficult not to hate Americans, sorry…I am not for some kind of collective guilt, but I don’t understand, why people in the USA are satisfied with this state of affairs and do nothing….their politicians are turning their country into a totalitarian state…and trying to do the same with Europe….if Americans don’t wake up soon, it may be too late….I keep hearing it all the time – don’t blame the American people, it takes time to change things….how much time???? Americans are obviously too slow in changing things….I once told some American friends – don’t wait with that revolution, or the world will do that revolution for you….I see it everywhere around me…more and more demonstrations here in EU, more and more unhappy people, more and more USA flag burning….and when people will learn to hate the USA, it will be a hard habit to break….

  3. kKeeton December 30, 2014

    Dani; Thanks for stopping by and thanks for a great comment. What you say is so true and I keep saying that payback is going to be hell one day…

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