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Windows to Russia!Soviet New Years Card!

Windows to Russia!
I was drinking my second cup of coffee and thinking about Christmas. Christmas on the 25th of December is not on the agenda in Russia. With the exception of a few people here and there, the Western Style Christmas is non existent.

It is strange to me to not feel the full blown hustle and bustle of the season. I grew up that the last few days before Christmas, was a time that everyone ran around gathering the last minute foods and gifts. People packed the cars and took off for Grandmas house and Grandma was cooking up a storm.

Russia has a delayed hustle and bustle. They wait until New Years to have their Christmas. So I can feel the start of it now like the beginning in America right after Thanksgiving. Russians do not have a traditional start of Season. At least a start that I can see. The season just grows slowly and methodically until it explodes at New Years with Fireworks displays all over the country!

I was in the local store today and the people had that edge of frantic that comes with time slipping away at a holiday. Not very strong yet but the edge was appearing.

The stores are packed with goodies and everywhere you go there is a fireworks display stand trying to get your attention. Russians love their fireworks and New Years is the Big Bang! New Years night there will be hundreds of Fireworks displays visible from our balcony on the 14th floor.

The difference does not seem that great, because Russia does have a Christmas at New Years. It just feels like a big difference because Santa has always come on the 25 of December ever since I was a little boy and it is hard waiting that extra week for Santa to come. 🙂

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