Russia: Grass Carp is a Delicacy!

Pond near the village.

Water being pumped to pond from river near by.

Our – Village on the pond bank.

Big pond on road to Village.

Looks like a good place for Bass to me!!!

I was drinking my cup of coffee and was thinking about one of the favorite Russian fish to eat…

The Grass Carp!

In a grocery store in Russia you can go to the fresh fish area and you will find in many cases, live Grass Carp in a big tank. This fish is a delicacy to Russians and when it is in season you can buy the carp even on the side of the roads, for the trucks will sell to anyone that stops them. All centers of villages will have trucks sitting and selling carp to the people that live there. Carp is big business and our village is part of that business…

Those carp are raised and sold from the ponds that our village is part of and I have learned a lot about the carp business, by watching the ponds being worked…

When we go to the Village, we drive by hundreds of acres of Ponds or lakes as you will call them. The lakes are man made and they are full of Carp. These lakes were built 50 plus years ago in the era of the Soviet Union. Every lake has a guard shed, that people live in year around to to keep an eye on the fish and strangers…

Now I know that most Americans are making faces at the thought that Grass Carp is the fish of choice. America loves its Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Bluegill, Trout, anything but Grass Carp!!!

I was raised on grass carp and mud cats. They were easy to catch and grandma knew how to clean and cook them…

But it makes sense: The Grass Carp is a fast growing, easy to care for fish. It can, in a short time create a lot of food for the masses. So when introduced and farmed by the Soviet Union, it was the ideal fish. Besides the way Russians fix it, It Is Good!

Everyday that I live in Russia: I learn something new, everyday that I am in Russia: I realize that just because we grow up doing things a certain way, does not mean that it is the only way!

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Annie Cardinal

Major thanks for the blog post.Much thanks again.

Mason Harrill

I think this is a real great article.Much thanks again. Want more.

Audry Poppo

You are a very bright individual!


recipe please, how to clean and cook

I will look up my recipe that I use. The last time I fixed it Sveta just loved it and she wants me to have more carp when the lakes here has selling season.

Good idea… Thanks