Russia: Life Is More Important Than Vodka!

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thinking about life!

A few months ago in the little village that I talk about all the time in these pages!

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A very nice lady was murdered! Yes you heard correct, A village of just 10 to 12 people living there, had a murder.The murder was over: Vodka…

A man who lived temporarily at the village, to help work on the rebuilding of the church asked a local Babushka for money to get vodka with! She refused to give him the money and he proceeded to beat her to death. He got his money & got his vodka, he was found the next day by police, very drunk! (End Of Story!!)

Not the end of story for me. You see, the photo above was taken just a few days before she died. That is her house, this lady lived in this village all her life. She was part of the heart and soul of the village that I love very much. She had a beautiful home and she ran the local General Store (picture to right) for the village all the years it was open. Then a man who is there, only to be a worker for the Orthodox Church, kills Her!

Over Vodka???

I have thought about this everyday since it happened.

Do instances in life affect you this way?

Kyle & Svet

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