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Russia Ombudsman ‘Shocked’ by U.S. Kids Ranch…

Russia’s children rights ombudsman has condemned a U.S. ranch, where troubled adoptees are held.

Pavel Astakhov has been visiting the Ranch for Kids, in the U.S. State of Montana, which is a respite care home that helps children, most of them from Russia, who have suffered disrupted adoptions.

“The very form of the children’s being there is shocking. What is it, a pre-trial detention facility? A penal colony? Or a trash can for unwanted children?” Pavel Astakhov said, in comments carried by his official website.

All the children were removed from the facility just before Astakhov’a arrival.

“These children are completely isolated from the outside world, which is grounds for violating their rights. It has not been made clear to us whether the children receive the necessary help and treatment, which is why the condition of the Russian kids at the ranch causes concerns,” Astakhov said.

Adoptions have become a thorny issue in U.S.-Russia relations following a series of scandals, including the uproar surrounding a 7-year-old boy who was sent back to Russia unaccompanied in 2010 by an adoptive U.S. mother.

It is difficult to follow any particular kid as the ranch has not kept its records properly, Astakhov’s press service said in a statement. Ranch head Joyce Sterkel declined to disclose information on the children.

The statement also cited a local state prosecutor as saying that children at the ranch were being “subjected to abuse,” and that a 9-year-old Russian girl had recently attempted to escape.


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  1. admin Post author | June 29, 2012
  2. admin Post author | June 30, 2012

    The Russian Foreign Ministry and the Kremlin’s children’s rights Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov are to ask the American authorities to shut down the ‘Ranch for Kids’ in Montana, which is used by American families for dumping adopted Russian orphans who are no longer wanted.

    Mr Astakhov is just back from the United States where he inspected the welfare of adopted Russian orphans. Writing in his Twitter account Friday, he said he would report his findings to President Putin.

    Importantly, Russian consular officers and rights campaigners are denied access to the ‘Ranch for Kids’. Ahead of Mr Astakhov’s visit, the facility was evacuated.


  3. admin Post author | July 10, 2012

    The ratification of the Russian-US adoption agreement will enable an inspection of the Ranch for Kids organization as well as other companies dealing with adoption practices, Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov said.

    He has been touring the US, where he visited the Ranch for Kids organization in Montana.

    The organization was founded to help US parents who cannot cope with brining up their Russian adopted children.

    Mr. Astakhov learned that the Ranch had been re-registered as a religious organization to avoid taxes and inspections and it is not license to carry out adoption activities.He said he would seek the Ranch`s closure.


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