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Russian: Dentist, root canal time!


My Wife took these pictures of me having a root canal done and being fitted with a gold cap on one of my Molars. These pictures were taken without my knowledge, but I am glad she did. They give me an excuse to write about Dental cost in Russia compared to America.

1st thing: No Dental work is fun!
2nd thing: Dentists in Russia exactly the same as Dentist in America.
3rd thing: It helped that I could not understand half of what they say.
4th thing: Cost for Dental work in Russia one half of the cost in America. (Even in Moscow)
5th thing: If you do not want pictures taken of you being tortured, don’t let your Wife go with you! :)))))))

The truth is that I got a root canal done, was fitted for a gold molar cap, with just 4 visits to the Dentist and got out the door alive for $400 and some change.

In America this would have cost $1000. (if you were lucky)

I want to say the Dentist was very very good. He was the best Dentist that I have ever been too.

comments welcome as always.

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