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Russian Village Funeral: Orthodox Style…

When Sveta and I travel we come upon this more often than we like to see. But people pass away and we always stop to the side and let the funeral procession go by. This time I decided to video the procession and have a record of how a funeral is done in a small village. It is always done starting in the center of the town/village and the procession is on its way to the grave yard as you watch this. The church is down the road to the right. They will carry the casket over two kilometers as the grave yard is that far a way…

A funeral always sobers people and as you can tell by the few words Sveta and I say, Sveta is in a somber mood and I really felt kinda bad filming it, but I am glad I did and it shows an important part of Russian culture that has lived down through the ages…

The burial procession in Russia…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia


  1. Deodira May 31, 2012

    never heard of something like this.

  2. dick March 4, 2015

    See sick backward people. Killing them would be the best thing! Proud American and what are you goin to do about me? Stupid communist!

  3. Marion March 5, 2015

    Where does Dickhead hail from? Not proud of that racist jerk!

  4. kKeeton March 5, 2015

    Marion: California is the place you wanna be!

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