Russian Visa: It Is Nice What Politicians Can Do When They Want Too!


If you are British and a Soccer Fan you got it made. You still need a visa but it has become easy to get. The excerpt from the article: British fans require visas for Moscow Champions League final!
However, fans holding valid tickets will not be required to go through the standard process of obtaining a visa invitation.

“Visas will be issued by the Russian Embassy in London on the production of a valid passport, completed application form and a copy of the match ticket,” the ministry said.

Mayor Yury Luzhkov said on Tuesday that fans would only need their passports and tickets to pass Russian border control.
The reports in Moscow make it clear that this is one big event & all Hotels are reserved. One good thing about Moscow, people rent flat rooms all the time. Looks like a good time for Muscovites to make a little extra money.

Kyle & Svet

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