In Russia it is said that chickens are milked, and cows carry eggs. (A mockery of those who believe ridiculous rumors.)

Russians did like Americans…

coffee-fix-itRussians are getting tired of the haughty American and only about a quarter of Russians have anything good to say about America now days. I remember well when I came here the first time; Russians loved Americans…

The Russians love polls and the latest polls being run show, some serious number changes in attitude. From highs of, love America at 80%, to now lows reaching, love America, at 17%. I have talked many times, right here on this blog, that Russians were star eyed and dreamed of gold paved streets and golden paths to freedom, all over America…

I remember how close lots of Russians felt to “America” in the late Nineties – that started to change with the Iraq war, when the only places where we (Americans) could discuss what happened were the Russian blogs and fora. Censorship was already in place in the West and has slowly gripped the whole country, while you slept in dream land. There were lots of genuine American trolls who made it clear that they were fascists in disguise (“Shut up Boris or we’ll casually kill ya”), but then, nobody really liked Saddam Hussein. Therefore, the US kept at it, and though they blundered a lot, they see themselves as successful overall. They will carry on, they really want a Total Empire – why else would they call it the New World Order? They also want depopulation, which most people refuse to even understand. They also want to control all resources. All in all, what do they have to lose when all is at risk anyway ? Now, I would have been surprised, if that made the Russians like us. I wonder what the public opinion in the EU and in the BRICS actually is? It seems to be very ant-American and growing from my viewpoint…

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  1. It pains me that Russians have turned against Americans, but of course I understand why: if you view us only by our political moves — our wars, our intrigues, our infiltrations and invasions — we’re an ugly, soulless nation. But these are the things of our politicians and their underlings. Very many Americans do not support the growing fascism of our politicians. We know that our government is behind the violence in Ukraine. We don’t support the sanctions against Russia. In fact, many of us have deep respect for President Putin — he’s clearly a patriot, a man who loves his country and works tirelessly to benefit Russia and her people. I wish we could say the same for our president, politicians, and their appointed lackeys. Just know that many Americans wish to be friends with Russia, to be Russia’s ally instead of Russia’s enemy. We are not our government — our government is its own entity and makes decisions without considering the will of the people. Many of us know the darker secrets of the New World Order and work against it. The people of Russia and the people of America have certain aggressive, vicious enemies, and we would best be served by uniting and fighting against them rather than against each other.

    Just know that many of us still love you and consider you our brothers and our sisters, and our fellow soldiers in a battle we share against those common enemies.

    And Kyle, thank you for this blog — I haven’t commented before, but I’ve enjoyed many of your posts.

  2. @ Catherine

    Who elects your government? Who makes and enjoys movies that glorifies America at the cost of other countries? Who consumes more than what can be produced honestly? Who is unrepentent of the dropping of the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki — the first, only and worst act of terrorism on civilians? Who has a pathetic lifestyle but yet the arrogance to instruct others on morality?

    I am surprised to hear that Putin is respected in America. Americans don’t respect him — they are envious of him and hate him because, for all the stupid ego that he has, he is the only leader in the world who can look at an American President and ask him to off.

    Who is the common enemy you are talking about? Why do you need an enemy? Can you live without an enemy?

    Please note: I have great respect for America and Americans but your country is degenerating. It has been on a moral decline for long. You need to do some hard cleaning. Forget the American Empire with those military bases all over the world — that cannot be salvaged, Freedom, Democracy and the American Dream can still be saved.

  3. Hi, Arvind.

    Sometimes many Americans wonder if our votes are truly counted accurately — so often in recent years the results of exit polls haven’t at all matched the election results, and with electronic voting there’s no record at all that our votes weren’t switched or were even counted. University students here have shown that the electronic machines can be hacked and altered in very little time. As far as I know it’s not even American companies that count the votes in some cases.

    You’re right — many here don’t repent or regret the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan, but I think it’s because few know the truth about the circumstances surrounding the bombings. Few know that Japan had already agreed to surrender, just as few know that F. Roosevelt most likely had advance warning of the impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor several days in advance but opted to let it happen in order to draw America into World War II. History books here are as adulterated as they are in most other countries, and generally in favor of the ruling elite. But there are Americans who do know certain truths, and those Americans are deeply repentant, not only of the use of atomic bombs in Japan but also of the use of depleted uranium and phosphorus in the Middle East. Some do glorify war, and some rewrite history to make America seem always a just and noble country — interestingly, though, it’s the American government itself, and its enforcement branches, that are changing some minds about that. As people see more and more injustices and scandals piling up around them, from local to national in scope, eyes open and beliefs shift. There’s an undercurrent now of extreme dissatisfaction and distrust: fewer people trust the government than ever before, and that’s been building for years now. It’s just that people are afraid of what changing the paradigm will involve — no one wants violence and bloodshed, but many see no other way out. I’m not a young woman, and in all my years I’ve never seen so much dissatisfaction and distrust concerning the government.

    You’d be surprised by how many here respect and even actively like President Putin. In part, yes, it IS because he isn’t cowed by the US government (and we do love it when he tells our president to f*ck off)… but another part is that for whatever his faults may be, he does seem to love Russia deeply, and I don’t think there are many Americans these days who feel that our president loves America. (And really, how can someone help but prefer a president who takes off his shirt and rides a wild little steppe horse to one who rides a girly bicycle in jeans that look like something someone’s mom would wear?) Many people here, in fact, believe that our president actively seeks to harm, and possibly even destroy, America through his decisions and demands. Are those of us who feel this way in the majority? It’s difficult to tell — government surveillance has increased to the point where we’re often uncomfortable speaking about it with anyone not in our immediate circle of friends and family. At some point, though, I think that average Americans may be pushed too hard, and the sturdy little snake lying in the grass will reveal itself. You’d be surprised by the number of groups rallying around this concept, and planning for it.

    Personally I don’t need an enemy at all, but the reality is that in the world today there are groups who threaten us all, with the Muslim jihadis being the most noteworthy. There seems to be no way to coexist with them, as they demand conversion or death (and in many cases even conversion isn’t enough, as they have no problem killing their own). America’s actions in the Middle East have helped to ignite their fury, but the truth is that jihad is an intrinsic part of Islam, and ultimately we’d likely have had to confront jihad even if we’d never set foot in the Middle East. I admire President Putin’s way of dealing with jihad in Russia — I wish that our government would draw as hard a line against it here.

    You’re completely correct: America is degenerating. It seems like we’ve lost our moral compass, and without that no country can be a force for good. Yet I know many Americans who don’t stand with the government, but instead stand for the vision of what America once was and could perhaps be again. Here we talk of Revolution 2.0, a Second Civil War, and that talk has been increasing over the past few years. We feel completely unrepresented by our politicians, completely robbed by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, and completely threatened when we dare to protest. But I have a little spark of faith that the blood of the original Americans still runs through our veins, and that ultimately we’ll have to courage to make the painful changes that need to be made. Whether or not we’ll ever recapture the promise of the American Dream is yet to be seen, but at the least we can hopefully turn America off the ugly track it’s been on and guide her back to being a more moral, less bullying nation. Admittedly I do fear what it will take to force Americans to take back our country from the elites who have conquered her from within — I fear the bloodshed and privations that will almost certainly be a part of that process. But it seems that the ballot box isn’t working, and that we’re being pretty much dared to stand up to the powers that be, so a peaceful process seems impossible. The alternative, though, is even more frightening, and every day brings news of even more control of us the rulers demand and intend to take.

    I wish that the world could see these Americans, and could know that we exist. We’re not all the bloodthirsty bullying bastards that our politicians make us seem to be, and we’re not all the hyper-consuming greedy sociopaths that have become our stereotype. Many of us are decent, kind people who don’t need the newest cars and the biggest houses and the latest electronics — many of us live smaller lives than you might think, and are thankful to God for the graces given to us. Sadly these are the Americans seldom shown in the media, yet I suspect that we’re the backbone of the nation.

    There are Americans who are complete pigs — you’ll get no argument from me on that. I deal with them every day, and I like that sort of person no more than you do. But there are still Americans who are moral and decent and kind and good, and those are the Americans with whom I stand. In fact, those are the people on this planet with whom I stand, whatever their nationality, and I still have hopes that we can change the world into a better place.

    Thank you for your comment, Arvind, and for your belief that freedom, democracy, and the American Dream can still be saved. That’s the deepest wish of many people here in America, too.

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