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Russia’s Communist Say Go Away We Can Not Hear…

I remember not long ago the word was out that the State Duma was going to punish deputies that seemed to be absent all the time from sessions. In fact there was some great videos on TV that showed attending deputies trying to race around and vote for absent deputies.

This caused a issue with Medvedev and Putin, who laid down some ultimatums. In fact some rules have been applied and coming soon they go into effect…

So now the deputies who have had the fear of repercusions instilled in there little brains, are showing up to do their job (OK – at least they show up now!) and guess what?

The Communist Party is officially complaining that the noise level at the State Duma is too intense…

Communist Party members in Russia’s lower house of parliament have complained about excessive noise levels after attendances rose sharply following a “truancy” scandal.

It seems that they are so use to no one being there, that now they can not hear themselves think! πŸ™‚

The rise in attendance came after the pro-Kremlin United Russia party had initiated a campaign aimed at punishing deputies who “skip” parliamentary sessions.

The chairman of the State Duma’s regulations committee, Otari Arshba, said the new rules will enter into force for the fall session. He said the entry and exit of deputies to and from the building would be strictly recorded.

He said the purpose of the rules was to make deputies behave like “mere mortals.”

I think that is great. If they do not want to be there, I am sure that there are a lot of people that would like there position. I know I would…

Windows to Russia!

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