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Russia’s Sedov a auxiliary powered 4-masted steel barque on a World Cruise…

As you know I love to post articles about these wonderful Russian Tall Ships that Russia seems to have a lot of. So today lets talk about one called Sedov, it is starting its first around the world trip…

The Sedov is a 4-masted steel barque and the first sailing ship with an modern auxiliary engine, to help it navigate. The Sedov originally known as Magdalene Vinnen II was from Germany and as with many of the Tall Ships Russia has, it was acquired as reparation after WWII was over in 1945…

I am not sure how many ships like this Russia got, but it seems that it was more than a few and Russia has valued them highly over the years…

The Sedov’s route will be nearly the same as the route of the first Russian world trip on a sailing vessel, which took place in 1803-1806. That legendary expedition was headed by Ivan Krusenstern. Sedov’s trip will last 14 months. It will cover more than 42,000 miles in the Arctic, the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, and visit more than 30 foreign ports…

What a way to travel the world…

Kyle Keeton

Windows to Russia!


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