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Sunday: Market and Baby Birds; plus a cup of coffee…

Coffee-iconSunday is market day and today I got to the market as it opened and there was a quarter of the people there, but growing fast. I took a few pictures and then went shopping. Found nothing that I needed, or that I could not find just as cheap up town. But the market is big time in the villages and everyone has a great Sunday when they go. Today it was buy a chick day. Vendor after vendor had baby chicks and people are still putting in their gardens, so that stuff is still selling good. Therefore, grab a cup of java and sit a spell…

The market is great and I got in and out before it became crazy…

Then I got home from the market and; well lets have some more images, on the way home and once I got home…

Seriously the yard is one big baby bird sanctuary. Two nests, at least 10 babies and they all are running around. Momma birds have given up and Boza is laying in the yard with birds hopping all around. He is on cat patrol and won’t come in. Boza will keep the birds safe and sound. The yard is nothing but peep, peep, peep and triple peep, from all the babies…

Who needs chickens?

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Arvind Ramanujam May 31, 2015

    Nice photos. seems to have been a clear, sunny day. It’s interesting to see such open markets on a scheduled day. Cute chicks.

  2. Marion June 1, 2015

    LOVE birds, all birds. (But I dote on my beloved chickens). They lay eggs which I barter for day old breadstuffs from which I augment feed to chickens and all birds (plus a few stray whatevers).
    Been off a couple of days…gigabytes ran out.

    Love to all,

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