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Sveta is in the Village for a week…

This is Ralph and he loves his little pond. How could you not love a home like that?

crane-heronThe crane is named Ralph and is the only crane living in the small pond. Many herons live there, ducks and others, but he is the only crane. The only way I can tell is that he flies with a straight neck and the herons pull there heads in and fly with neck curled up. They look short necked when flying. The crane does not do that…

* * * * * * * * * *

Last night I went to the Big Village and picked up Sveta from the train station. Boza who has not seen his mom in so long, decided to stay at home, no matter what my coaxing or how adamant I was. I guess he figured I was trying to fool him and make him take one of those terror trips into the Big Village; hot, long and boring. Therefore, Boza stayed at home and I went to get Sveta…

The train was on time as always and by 9:30 pm, we were on our way back to our village. Sveta looked good and she was in a great mood. It had been two and a half months since I last saw her and it was good. Boza exploded with a touch of puppy love and actions, when he saw Sveta. I am sure that he wondered if she would ever come back again. Boza wiggled like a worm and loved, loved, loved and more loved Sveta. That is his mommy, you know?

We will be busy, for we have to get lots of stuff done and that includes trying to have some fun. Sveta has a birthday on Sunday (no age or I get beat up,) she has big plans for that day. I have big plans in the next few days, for I found that we may have a bad u-joint on the Volga and we need the car to get things done… 🙁

It was dark, but Sveta was mouth dropped open shocked at all the things that have gotten done around the village home. We walked Boza in the dark and I could tell she was happy, she also said something that sounded just slightly sad; but happy at the same time, “You two are doing so good in the village!”

And, Boza and I are doing great in the village, life suits us and we get things done…

Therefore, posting will be more erratic, for I have to alter my lifestyle to compensate for a new member in the household. But never fear, Boza and I have already walked this morning and yes, I just posted an article. Albeit, little and images are lacking, but an article. I promise more pictures in the next article…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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  1. Marion July 18, 2015

    Move over, Ralph…be a share bear!
    Have fun, you two!! Love you both!


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