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Thanksgiving in Russia… (2012)

English: Pumpkin pie with whipped cream
Pumpkin pie with whipped cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year Sveta is getting a Thanksgiving meal. I tried the first year I was here in Russia (By the way – I came to Russia on October 10th, 2006) and Sveta did not take to the idea at all, but this year since she has been doing a lot of teaching English, she has taken a notion to Western world holidays…

This is her blog on English:

So I have gathered together the ingredients and am going to present her with – turkey, bread dressing, broccoli with cheese sauce, mashed boiled pumpkin and last but not least – made from scratch pumpkin pie…

Russians love cooked pumpkin and we eat a lot of boiled pumpkin here in Russia, so I knew that she would like a Russian taste treat mixed into the whole think. Now Sveta has never ever had pumpkin pie. This will be the first for her and last night she even brought home whip cream to put on it. Now that is getting into the spirit of things… 🙂

I know that the spices that are in the pumpkin pie are very strange to her, so we will see if she likes it…

Being that this is my seventh Thanksgiving in Russia, I have a whole bunch to be thankful for and I have been blessed by god with the best woman in the world… (And also Boza the dog!)

Oh last thought today, before I go and finish cooking Thanksgiving food…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving…

From Sveta and Kyle
Windows to Russia…


  1. WB November 22, 2012

    Crew members aboard the International Space Station will enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with a dash of Russian flavor and a cosmic portion of good cheer.

    There’s only one U.S. astronaut on the orbiting space lab, Expedition 34 Commander Kevin Ford, but his Russian crewmates are also eager to celebrate the distinctly North American holiday, according to NASA.

    Ford and cosmonauts Evgeny Tarelkin and Oleg Novitskiy will an “out-of-this world Thanksgiving menu” that includes “irradiated smoked turkey” and “thermo-stabilized yams,” plus NASA’s cornbread dressing, the space agency said.

    Space food has certainly come a long way since the days of mush-in-a-tube and Tang.

    The two Russian flight engineers will contribute a mashed potatoes-and-onions dish from their country and for dessert on Thursday, the ISS team will enjoy a cranberry-apple concoction.

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