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The Quagmire America has made of Syria by Kyle Keeton…

Nice try, “America”. You already bought and paid for the opposition. Cash on the barrel head…

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for a re-shaping of the Syrian opposition’s leadership adding that the Obama administration was suggesting names and organizations that should be included in the new leadership that may emerge in the talks held next week in Qatar.

They are your cup of tea America and it was brewed your way. As George Galloway described the opposition/terrorists, you are “Servants of the Crusader Powers”, owned by the Qatari and Saudi puppets of the USA.

They (terrorists) are at the bottom of the gutter, because they crawled there on their hands and knees. Anyone who would bring terrorists into Syria is a criminal and America crawled there with those terrorists…

NATO/US helped put Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria in the first place. We are now clearly entering a new phase in the propaganda war with regard to Syria, heralded by the NATO-aligned establishment now using the presence of Al-Qaeda fighters in the country, many of whom were airlifted into Syria by NATO powers, as a justification to launch a wider military assault…

Despite innumerable bombings and assassinations targeting the regime, the fact that Al-Qaeda fighters were behind the violence was considered taboo, and some mainstream news outlets even preferred to spin conspiracy theories about Assad’s forces being behind the bombings rather than admit the truth…

The mainstream media now admits that Al-Qaeda is behind most of the anti-Assad violence in Syria and that the Syrian opposition is largely led by Al-Qaeda fighters, backed up by U.S.-funded rebels. In addition, U.S. officials like Ambassador Susan Rice and the White House itself have all but applauded terrorist bombings in Damascus…

Back in March, leaked emails also revealed that the Pentagon was planning to direct terror attacks and assassinations inside Syria in a bid to topple Assad…

Despite the U.S. government welcoming attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda as a tool to further destabilize the Syrian government, the establishment has launched a spin campaign claiming that Al-Qaeda is merely capitalizing on the uprising in Syria when in reality Al-Qaeda is leading the uprising. (Link to Source >>>)


The imperialists messed up in Libya: They attempted to put a bunch of terrorist types in power in Libya. Didn’t take well with the locals so they were quickly removed, and the whole project plunged into utter chaos. Libya is a war-zone of death and neither Romney nor Obama want to talk about Libya because its a immense American failure…

I guess we will be happy when Syria is in the same shape as Libya… 🙁

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. SwannerBellefeuille303 November 2, 2012

    The Washington Post claims “soldiers” were executed – terrorists in video clearly refer to victims as civilian “shabih.” Victims had no weapons, uniforms, or IDs indicating they were soldiers.

    An egregious war crime was reported on by the Washington Post, but deceitfully and purposefully spun and shrugged off. In the Post’s article, “Syrian rebels execute unarmed government soldiers; dozens killed in fighting,” it is first reported:

    Syrian rebels executed at least a half-dozen unarmed government soldiers Thursday after attacks on checkpoints near the town of Saraqeb in northwest Syria.


    The execution of the soldiers, which was documented in a graphic video [GRAPHIC] posted online Thursday, is not the first time that rebel fighters appear to have committed war crimes. U.N. representatives and human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized the Syrian opposition in recent months for carrying out summary executions and for abusing detainees.

    The video clearly shows unarmed men, none of whom are wearing uniforms or equipment typical of “government soldiers.” The Washington Post then links to another video while reporting:

    A second video posted online Thursday [GRAPHIC], which appears to have been filmed shortly after the execution, shows at least three other bodies spread out around the checkpoint. The man filming approaches two of the bodies and says, “The shabiha of Assad, the dogs.”

    “Shabiha,” of course refers to alleged civilian militias organized locally to resist terrorists entering into and attempting to overrun neighborhoods. The term “shabiha” has been used by the Western media as a catch-all to spin any massacre committed against civilians by US-backed terrorists operating in Syria. That the murderers themselves, filming their own crime, refer to the victims as “shabiha” – indicates that civilians, not Syrian government forces, were murdered – contrary to what the Washington Post reported.

    The term suspected “shabiha” has become analogous of the Western media’s use of the term “African mercenaries” in Libya during NATO destabilization and regime change operations there in 2011. These “African mercenaries” were lynched, beheaded, shot, burned, and hacked to pieces, just as terrorists are now doing to suspected “shabiha” across Syria.

    It would later turn out these black Africans were not mercenaries, but citizens who had lived in Libya for generations fighting desperately for their lives against sectarian extremists intolerant of their complexion and creed. Racially motivated attacks by NATO-backed terrorists in Libya would culminate in the extermination of the entire city of Tawarga where an estimated 10,000-35,000 inhabitants were either exterminated, imprisoned, or exiled to refugee camps and then beyond Libya’s borders.

    Video: Wiped out. Tawarga, once home to 10,000 (this video claims up to 35,000) people, many part of Libya’s black community who had resided in the country for generations, had its inhabitants either exiled, imprisoned or exterminated. NATO-backed militants told the Telegraph in 2011, ” every single one of them has left, and we will never allow them to come back.” And just as the Western media initially covered up these atrocities by merely labeling all black victims of NATO terrorists as “African mercenaries,” a similar propaganda campaign is underway in Syria, labeling civilian victims of NATO-backed foreign terrorists as suspected “shibiha.”

    In Syria, suspected “shabiha” are in actuality Syrians unwilling or unable, because of their ethnicity or creed, to capitulate to roving bands of foreign-armed sectarian extremists. The Washington Post and others throughout the corporate-driven Western media are willfully covering up crimes against humanity through overtly deceitful reporting and semantics.

    It should be remembered, that these terrorists who have video taped themselves committing a massacre of unarmed men, out of uniform, and referred to as civilian “shabiha,” not soldiers – are at the center of renewed US, NATO, Saudi and Qatari efforts to refocus Western support for the violent, armed overthrow of the Syrian government.

  2. WB November 2, 2012

    MOSCOW – Western attempts to press new Syrian leaders from outside contradicted the Geneva agreement agreed by all world powers, a senior Russian diplomat said Friday.

    “According to the Geneva communique, a transitional governing body must be formed on the basis of mutual agreement between the government and the opposition,” Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov wrote on his Twitter blog.

    The Action Group on Syria has drafted a political roadmap in Geneva to head off the 20-month violence in the conflict-torn country.

    The United States on Wednesday called for a reshuffle of Syria’s opposition leadership, saying the foreign-based Syrian National Council could no longer be viewed as the visible leader of the opposition.

    Russia, along with China and some other countries, has unswervingly supported the mediating efforts of the UN-Arab League special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi and urged other parties concerned to play a constructive role in the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis.

    The UN has estimated that more than 20,000 people, mostly civilians, have died in the Middle East country since the crisis began in March 2011.

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