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The rules have to be applied to all and all equally!

Well, it seems, some nations have specific problems. Like Norwegian winter Olympians all seem to have Asthma. And they get the appropriate medicine? I call foul on such practices…

Norway’s cross-country skiers will arrive in Pyeongchang hoping to continue their recent dominance in a sport that doubles as a national obsession, but even at home there are questions over the ethical use of medicines by athletes.

Source: Norway’s cross-country Olympic success clouded by asthma drug ethics

Its tough to be an Olympian and be so allergic to “fresh cold air” that you need 200 doses of asthma medication for a week…

Olympic doping: Athletes turn to common nasal spray, asthma inhalers, for edge

Like Norwegian winter Olympians all seem to have Asthma and it is a chosen problem, to enhance with legally…

Such hypocrisy. I was not aware that people with asthma, are so good at long distance sports. Russians get a blanket ban on their entire team and life bans (literally) for lessor issues. Even when the Norwegian three-time Olympic medalist Martin Johnsrud Sundby was caught by WADA with almost 10 times the allowed limit of “asthma medicine”, he gets a 2 month suspension and is ended up competing in PyonChang? (With very little fanfare and full blessings!)

Sorry but, it count as steroids if you don’t have asthma, if you do have asthma….well, you don’t do long distance endurance sports…..and that is the issue….giving drugs for false health issues to enhance the athlete with and only allowing certain countries to indulge in such practices…

The rules have to be applied to all and all equally! But as with the way of the world in general….they are not and have never been applied properly…

EG: Now, it turns out that there are figures, hidden in WADA’s own reports no less, showing not only that the number of Russian athletes caught doping is well within international norms, but that the Russian National Anti-Doping Organization RUSADA has one of the highest rates of testing in the world. The figures, found in the organization’s ‘2014 Anti-Doping Testing Figures Report’, show that RUSADA carried out 12,556 anti-doping tests on its athletes in 2014, with a total of 0.9% (114 cases) testing positive for prohibited substances. As a percentage, that figure is actually lower than the global total calculated by WADA (which amounted to 1.0% of total testing). (wada_2014_anti-doping-testing-figures_full-report_en)

Either allow everything and or allow nothing and nothing is the best. If you have to be drugged to perform, then maybe you need to get a desk job…

Very simple!



  1. Suwat Tor February 26, 2018

    Say Asthmatic Norwegians, Deep Kissed Americans, Tachycardiac Canadians can cause their athletes yield some trace of prohibited medicines in doping test but that doesn’t concern with the game because they are our friends. They can used any drugs for we have prepared for them good excuses.

  2. kKeeton Post author | February 26, 2018

    Suwat Tor: yes I understand and good comment…


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