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The Russian Godfather will get even with the IMF: and that is just Right!

“The wire reports on the Cyprus situation are working overtime to try to make the case that 80% of the deposits belong to the people of Cyprus, and only 20% of the deposits belong to the Russians. That’s absolutely false. After 1985, when the Robber Barron’s of Russia took over the general economics of Russia, that was the transformation from the KGB to private business. The number one place for banking Russian funds was and is Cyprus…

Now, there is one leader in the world that would be very dangerous to tread on, and that is Putin of Russia….

“What’s just happened is the IMF has backed up, lauded, supported, and publicized, as if it were a victory, the taking of 10% of what really turns out to be 80% of Russian money. The Russian money is kinda KGB money, who is now in big business. The leader of Russia (Putin) was a former KGB official. Who’s money do you think they have taken? They are trying to confiscate KGB’s money. The KGB money is the peoples money and that means Russia is being robbed and that my friend is how Russian people are going to look at it. In fact that is how the Russian people are looking at it and no one in Russia is going to take kindly to the Western Empire stealing their money again. As was done in the past with weak leaders…

This is the biggest mistake the IMF could possibly have ever made.”

Eric King: “Jim, it’s unimaginable to me, but, incredibly, just ten days ago you warned that you don’t want to anger Russian leader Putin because he and Russia will punish the West in the gold market. Can you talk about how this is going to impact the gold market?”

If Cypriot authorities go ahead with the tax plan and levy every deposit placed in the country’s banks, it would be “unfair,unprofessional and dangerous,” Putin said, according top residential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov…

The assessment was voiced during a special meeting with senior economic aides and officials on Monday, in which the situation in the euro-zone and the Cyprus banking crisis were discussed…

Cyprus wants to impose a levy on bank deposits as part of its plan for a bailout by European creditors. While the proposed measure provoked anger from the population of the tiny country,foreign investors stand to lose most from the scheme if it is enacted…

The word is spreading that: In short I believe that it is possible that the international bankers my have picked the wrong patsy’s pocket to pick as Putin has the means to extract his revenge and the muscle and spine to back up that decision if he so chooses to…

The word is that Putin is pissed and I see that he can easily and will send the gold market to hell and back and we will look at $2000 per oz gold. This is the gold market that has been corruptly manipulated since day one for many years, by the West. I guess we will see what concessions that they make to Russia…

Stupid is as Stupid does…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. admin Post author | March 18, 2013


    Cyprus’s banking sector dwarfs the size of its economy and its banks have been severely hurt by exposure to much larger neighbor Greece.

    Its open economy has meant its banks also attract cash from Russians. Moscow is considering extending an existing 2.5 billion euro loan to help bail the island out and said the fact it had not been consulted about the bailout would come into play.

    “It turns out that the euro zone actions … took place without discussions with Russia, so we will consider the issue of restructuring the (Cyprus) loan taking into account our participation in the joint actions with the European Union,” Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told Reuters.

    President Vladimir Putin criticized the bank levy as unfair and setting a dangerous precedent.

    “Putin said that such a decision, should it be made, would be unfair, unprofessional and dangerous,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

  2. Cathysstev March 18, 2013

    Obviously the EU found it much easier politically to make depositors pay when they know they are not EU citizens, but Russian mobsters.

    Nevertheless, the practical effect will be to cause deposits to flee banks in the PIIGS (and Cyprus), and in turn lead to more bank failures and/or bailouts.

  3. DmitriUK March 18, 2013

    Let’s cut the euphemisms and start calling a dog a dog and a cat a cat. This is not a haircut but a theft, spelled T-H-E-F-T. Besides this sets an illegal and immoral precedent for one and all. If you wanted a revolution on the streets, you’ve got it – it will be starting very soon!

  4. blackseabrew March 18, 2013

    Personally I’m thinking some IMF officials will start disappearing. Maybe even their families. This kind of action is worse than outright theft. And could be readily construed to be aimed at Russia itself. Especially with Russia not rolling over and bowing to the US banksters on Syrian issues.

    I am shocked. But worse, I explained the ramifications to my roommate and he doesn’t care because he doesn’t think it will impact him. He’s already a slave and doesn’t even know it.

  5. admin Post author | March 18, 2013

    Undermining the deposit insurance system is extremely dangerous and the reason why the Kremlin is so livid. The entire banking business is based on trust: banks take in deposits and on-lend them to borrowers, but this system only works if depositors don’t all demand their money back in cash at once. The deposit insurance system was established to provide extra reassurance to depositors,so to undermine it threatens the very foundation of the entire European banking sector.The EU officials made it clear that this was a “one-off”solution and would not be repeated in other countries, leaving the Kremlin with the impression that the bail-in deal is another example of selective legislation specifically designed to punish Russia.Indeed, the legality of the deposit grab is already being questioned. “I would be surprised if some Cypriots do not try and test this all in the European courts – assuming that the Cypriot parliament does not throw this out this week, which seems quite a high probability in my mind,” says Ash. “It seems bizarre that different conditions are being imposed on Cyprus to other bail-outs recently rolled out across the Euro zone… And incredible by such a move that the Troika [European Commission,International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank] seems willing to jeopardize the sanctity and standing of EU deposit insurance schemes, and at a huge potential risk of a broader loss of confidence in banking systems, and indeed the European crisis resolution system [for only around €7bn saving in bail out costs].”

  6. blackseabrew March 18, 2013

    ‘And Cypriot banks are invested heavily in Greek government bonds, which were restructured last year at the EU’s demand, incurring big losses on bondholders.’

    Read more:

    So this comes after a haircut for the bondholders. This had to be planned.

    Uh-oh. I’m thinking the not only will people start disappearing, maybe in public ways, the proxy wars in the middle-east are going to flare up. Look out. This will lead to no good what-so-ever. If it was my money I would be pissed. Sorry for the foul language but it’s an honest feeling. When my neighbors get robbed I get scared.

  7. blackseabrew March 18, 2013

    And now the media is trying to downplay the issue. I wish it was their bank accounts being raided.

    I am utterly appalled at this event. The powers that think this thievery is appropriate should be brought to trial(I’m being nice). If the amounts they are considering stealing are above the felony limit, let them spend some serious time in prison to contemplate their evil ways. Follow in the footsteps of Iceland.

  8. admin Post author | March 18, 2013

    Of course they have damn near caused a global run on the bank!

  9. blackseabrew March 18, 2013

    Peter Schiff had an interesting commentary. It wouldn’t have made the depositors very happy though.

  10. Igor March 18, 2013

    EU is openly stealing Russian money now.
    Many wars in human history were started for lesser reasons.

  11. blackseabrew March 19, 2013

    Global run is correct. Everything always operates in the margins, especially money and finance. 0.001% withdrawals in one day would crush everything. And I don’t think that is very much. I’m wondering what the real withdrawal rate is. I hope Bernanke and pals are having nightmares.

    And I just hope some Russian general or oligarch with a general in their pocket doesn’t start making things personal with big weapons. I don’t think that’s the Russian way but hey humans will be human. You steal my stuff you got something coming. And history tells us that this is how wars get started. Personally I think the IMF just painted a big red bullseye on the backs of their employees. If I worked for the IMF I wouldn’t touch food or drink without giving a bite of it to an animal first and watching to see they fell over dead. I really don’t think those affected will take this lying down.

    Talk about terrorism. The IMF is the worst. Most crooks have more decency than this.

    If you can’t tell I’m a little upset about these jerkoffs. Printing money is bad enough and in reality no different but targeting depositors (most likely for political reasons because Russia won’t bow down to western powers regarding Syria) is repugnant. First Cypriot depositors, then Italian depositors, then, then then….guess who has the biggest debt on this planet….the US federal government… which means the banksters will dip straight into the accounts of all US depositors. Probably with the excuse it’s their electronic vapor notes anyway.

  12. blackseabrew March 19, 2013

    I actually have to do a search to read anything on Cyprus. Not sure what it’s rated but the silence is deafening.

  13. Andyffc March 19, 2013

    All of the Euro-loonies who are responsible for this fiasco are saying “It wasn’t me” or “That is not what we intended” soon it will be ” I was away to the lavatory when the agreement was reached”. What a bigger bunch of pathetic, lying, deceitful politicians I have not seen since the times of T. Blair. Unfortunately for them Pandora’ s box has now been opened, who in the austerity ridden EU states will trust them now. When the banks in Cyprus open on Thursday I predict a run that will make Northern Rock look tame by comparison.

  14. Amusspeap March 19, 2013

    No matter what is decided the seed is sown in the depositors minds
    your money is not safe from the desperate clowns shoring up a broken ideal that will collapse. Funny,but I thought the demise would result from a quite insignificant quarter.

    Lets get it over with and find adult politicians with a spine.

  15. BluttHog March 19, 2013

    Putting your money in a savings account is supposed to be the safest most boring way to invest your money. Now all of a sudden, you can actually lose a good chuck and have your money in a savings account because of these irresponsible banks and governments bad bets. Screw that. The moral of the story is it’s better to just store your money in a safety deposit or under your mattress, but do not put it in a savings account where it will get next to nothing in interest rate or possibly hijack to pay for bad bets by banks on governments bonds that end up worthless. Obviously, coming soon to the US with the reckless Fed.

  16. Noah the Great America Patriot! March 19, 2013

    Sounds like the Russians have a deal for them..turn over their rights to explore for gas..and they’ll save them. In this instance, they need to keep a very close eye on the Russians. For you all know that Russians are sneaky stupid! Just like North Koreans!

  17. Edwards March 19, 2013

    Banks will be run and banks will fall! They will cover this up this time, but the world is watching and we are waiting for the elite to get strung up. I relish this, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye.Check

  18. Jakub Hughes March 19, 2013

    Of course, the EU hasn’t factored in that a large portion of that “Russian mafia” money they’ve just made off with actually belongs to Vladimir Putin himself.

    What fools. Even such slick, well-heeled mafiosi as the IMF and ECB should not cross the Russian mafia, or Vlad the Impaler.

    The riposte to this gross stupidity will be interesting to witness.

  19. Nathan Wilson March 19, 2013

    Congress, Obama, Holder, and Biden, America’s criminal class, now claim they can’t refuel an aircraft carrier or prosecute a criminal bank or its criminal employees. But they can hand out free money to their banking masters at negative net interest rates, and they can stick Joe and Jane American with the tab for any banking bad gambling debt.

    Cyprus is MF Global, Phase II. The robbing of ordinary cash accounts.

    The major American banks are leveraged at a ratio of toxic derivative exposure to stated (i.e., fake) assets at about 40 to 1. Congress and the White House know exactly where this is going.

  20. Armen Jones March 19, 2013

    After the dust settles, Cyprus will no doubt be a changed country in which to do business in. Flat out, the ‘business as usual’ tax-haven nature of Cypriot banking is no longer welcome or sustainable in the global market place and financial sphere. Simply put, greedy investors, businesses and bankers alike, be they Russian, Euro, Arabic, or Cypriot based, have an ugly wake up call today: the greed of your past is going to be corrected with or without your blessing. That said, there will need to be some major compromise in the end — between EU, Russia, Cypriot govt, foreign share holders and citizens of Cyprus who are unfortunately victims of their own unsustainable system. But before then, the death spiral crisis will most likely get a lot uglier before being resolved.

  21. White March 19, 2013

    We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.
    –Ayn Rand

    Government “help” to business is just as disastrous as government persecution… the only way a government can be of service to national prosperity is by keeping its hands off.
    –Ayn Rand

    Just as man can’t exist without his body, so no rights can exist without the right to translate one’s rights into reality, to think, to work and keep the results, which means: the right of property.
    –Ayn Rand

    “By the standards of our time, the man who has the least to offer is the man who wins.”
    –Francisco d’Anconia

  22. Armen Craven March 19, 2013

    It’s inevitable here in the US too!

    Out of control spending and debt we cannot repay. Talk of disarming people, drones in the sky, millions of rounds of ammunition purchased by the govt…

    The dominoes are lined up and ready to tip. Once Cyprus fails, other countries will do the same in the EU. It will reach the US eventually then it’s game over. Think I’m wearing a tinfoil hat? That’s fine if you want to think that. Meanwhile I’m prepping and you should too!

  23. Arthur Walker March 19, 2013

    British money, Russian money and many more. Being stolen or they are trying to steal it! The IMF is a sick American corrupt entity and it is what America is at her worst.

  24. admin Post author | March 19, 2013

    ATHENS, March 19 (RIA Novosti) – Parliament in Cyprus on Tuesday rejected a bill aimed at charging steep levies on bank deposits, jeopardizing their chances of securing a European Union bailout.

    The bill envisioned a levy of 6.75 percent on deposits of less than 100,000 euros ($128,950) and 9.9 percent on larger deposits.

    A total of 36 deputies in the 56-seat parliament voted against the bill, while 19 abstained.

  25. admin Post author | March 20, 2013

    I was very proud of the CY parliament decision. The precedent of a government (or the EU) robbing people’s bank accounts in order to solve other problems should never have been suggested. What is the purpose of deposit insurance if the insurer can rob the depositor whenever they need? How many idiots do you think there are around the world who would trust any European banks or governments if these had actually took place. Congratulations for Cyprus for standing up for its’ people and for the European Union. Shame on the idiots (ECB, IMF and Germany/Holland/Finland) for even suggesting theft as a solution for any problem.

  26. admin Post author | March 20, 2013

    Let the banks fail. Cyprus will have a better shot at an economic recovery once the banker/government fraud has been eliminated from the equation. Follow Iceland’s example, and prosper!

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