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The Theory of USA Disintegration back in Russian News…

Voice of Russia does an interview with Igor Panarin. He is well known for the stir that he created back several years ago with the prediction of America collapsing and breaking up into parts

He still says that even though his warning slowed the issue of disintegration, by political means, it has not stopped the process and if America is not careful they could still come apart…

Actually this is a good interview and even if you think he is full of crap. Listen because he calls a lot of things correct. I do not think it will happen but he is correct. If the right conditions come together at the same time. Issues could arise…

The rumblings of discontent are growing louder in many forms in America. Clean your ears out and maybe you will hear some of them…

Kyle and Sveta
Windows to Russia

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  1. Noel Bigley April 28, 2014

    Respect to website author, some superb selective information.

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