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The West is ready to invade Libya: Voice of Russia!

by Balayeva Yelena

Britain may lead a military operation against Col.Muammar Gaddafi. Prime Minister David Cameron is demonstrating a profound insight into the situation in the Middle East and a zealous support for austerity sanctions or even a military invasion of Libya.

David Cameron has been dubbed “Blair’s heir” for the tough foreign policy he borrowed from Tony Blair, who without blinking an eye backed the US military campaign against Iraq. Now, Mr.Cameron is ready to lead a campaign against Libya.

Top British strategists are concerned over Cameron’s transformation into a belligerent leader after his crucial role in slashing defense spending and setting the deadline for troops withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now, he is in daily contact with the US president to secure the resignation of Muammar Gaddafi. And encouraged by David Cameron, the EU’s Foreign Minister Baroness Ashton is meeting with NATO officials to discuss a no-fly zone over Libya.  Read More >>>

Boy I have to tell you that the West is frothing at the bit to attack Libya…

This could have all been solved and placated a week ago. By talking it out…

The leash may break at any second. I would say when they get enough firepower in place it will happen. The West has been exceptionally quiet today on the news about Libya. That means something if you just think…

Maybe if enough of us keep pointing at the West the West will settle down and think about its mistakes in all this…


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