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Then We saw “Russia Boasts a Flat 13% Income Tax Rate!”

imagesBelgium is not the only possible destination for tax exile Gerard Depardieu who is renouncing his French citizenship in search of a better financial future. “Putin has already sent me a passport!” the actor announced. ­Depardieu reportedly mentioned three countries are ready to receive him. Belgium, where he has just bought a house, Montenegro, where he has friends and some businesses, and Russia: “Putin has already sent me a passport!” Le Monde has quoted Depardieu as saying. Russia boasts a flat 13% income tax rate and could become a tax haven for the Academy-award nominated actor… 🙂

Darn! I wish Putin would send me a passport…

I guess I am not rich or important enough!

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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  1. AlenaSrt December 19, 2012

    Ha Ha! I moved to the US and the first year that I worked there I paid 37% of my pay and then I moved to a city that had tax also and now I exceed 43% taxes total. I pay school, county, city, state, federal and several more taxes. I was stupid and now I do not have enough money to get back home to Russia! US sucks and I will get back home. I had dream of easy life and found nightmare of hell!

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