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Then why did you start the whole thing first?

Quote of the asinine west:

The Russian ban on agricultural imports from the European Union is an “irresponsible measure” that can lead to losses of billions of euro for European as well as Russian consumers, the source told ITAR-TASS.

Did you know that Russia buys 25% of all the fruit and vegetables that the EU produces? That is a bunch of veggies and fruits folks…

And besides what in the hell does the EU think they have been doing to Russia in the first place?

Playing patty-cake as children do and enjoying life by sanctioning the hell out of Russia!

Time for payback or else quit the illegal sanctions against Russia…

Same to you also “America!” I bet US-made poultry is among the banned products and that will drop a cool billion in sales per year, from American coffers…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. kKeeton Post author | August 7, 2014

    “For us, it’s Klondike. We are willing to replace the Western countries on many issues in terms of food, “- said Marinich.

    Belarus expects, in particular, significantly increase supplies to Russia cheeses: “To increase the output by cheeses of different hardness and different ripening.”

    Also, according to First Deputy Minister, Belarus is ready to increase the supply of meat and whole milk instead of Finland.

    Another Belarusian farmers, according Marynitch may make additional supplies of vegetables, “replace the Dutch potatoes, replace the Polish apples – we have everything.”

    President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday banned for a year in the Russian import certain types of agricultural products, raw materials and food from countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia. It requested the Government to develop a specific list of items subject to these restrictions.

    United States in connection with the Ukrainian crisis introduced a wide range of sanctions against Russian politicians, businessmen and companies, as well as lobbying for the introduction of similar restrictive measures its allies. Anti-Russian sanctions after the United States entered the European Union, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and Japan.

  2. blackseabrew August 9, 2014

    It’s too bad that Ukraine couldn’t help fill this gap. Instead people who have nothing to do with the conflict get bombed and shelled. I find it difficult to believe people in DC are crazy to toe the line like they are. But then again…it’s a proxy war for them. The gutless bastards have no skin in the game.

  3. kKeeton Post author | August 10, 2014

    And the gutless bastards in Kiev. They talk about severing the gas completely to the EU and then what? Seems to be some real idiots running around the world right now, time to round them up and get them put away behind doors where they are safe er for us to deal with…

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