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This is how it goes in the Big City…

This morning we had a mad as a hornet woman, she was on her way to work and someone parked in her way…

She had a tort and decided that smashing it on the window of the car blocking her was the best solution and as she got another ride, she tore the tort out of the box and whop against the window…

I had to smile, but since I was too near as it happened, I did not laugh, for she might have sent the tort straight at me… 😉

Life is fun in the city, unless your car is blocked as many are all over the place. people are really uncaring about how they park. Sveta and I have had many times of interesting fun trying to get out…

But I could have gotten out of this spot, she could not and she was mad as a hornet to boot….I found the situation too late…

Gotta love Russia….anyone hungry?



  1. Your Sveta January 9, 2018

    Wow! I did not know our people can get that mad… I think that’s bad Western TV-show’s, what we have a lot on TV, influence….

    It’s really ridiculous and sad… I talk about that woman. As for wrong parking situation… she knows where she lives and tort is not the answer.

    Kinda sad… I don’t want my people become like stupids from American TV-show.

  2. kKeeton Post author | January 9, 2018

    But I would have eaten the tort. It looked good, well until it got squished… 😉

    Hi sweet pea…

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