This is how you vote…. Russian Style

Link for those countries blocking Sputnik Mundo from the Spanish account… Some people cannot see the video play… For that straight link to sight…

But the video is only on Facebook, it seems…

Video of a Russian polling place…


kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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Arvind Ramanujam

FYI, video unavailable.

Arvind Ramanujam

On Twitter, Edward Snowden says: The ballot stuffing seen today in Moscow and elsewhere in the Russian election is an effort to steal the influence of 140+ million people. Demand justice; demand laws and courts that matter. Take your future back.
What kind of election is it when you don’t let the main opponent Navalny compete?
I appreciate the courage of Snowden.

Arvind Ramanujam

Remember: just because, in one’s own perception, one loves something more than anyone else, and is the best matched for it, doesn’t give an entitlement to possess it without letting others have the same opportunity to try handling it and not feel dejected if another succeeds per chance. This is a bitter lesson I have learned in life, and this is a mark of true love.
Enjoy a song:
Songs touch understanding sometimes better than books or speeches.

Arvind Ramanujam

Snowden hides in Russia? There are enough mad brutish Russians to kill him in a second like they killed Anna Politkovskaya. Putin protects him? Good joke. Maybe Putin did when he could expose and bring down their chief foe — his quote belongs to that period when Russians derived the greatest mileage from him since they lost the cold war to USA, although he had the guts not to reveal even a bit with Russians — and this is the greatest American USA has been prosecuting — Russians thought that they could milk Snowden but he didn’t share anything with… Read more »

Arvind Ramanujam

‘mad brutish bears” makes sense? How much does Putin know Russia to represent and do what is good for Russia? I believe that I am like any other Indian but I know that my awareness of what India is doesn’t go beyond 1%. A nationalistic Indian would have 2% perhaps understanding and a patriot would have perhaps 5% and someone like Mahatma Gandhi would have known 10-15% knowledge of what India is. The percentages are similar to the levels a person uses the brain. So, how can anyone presume to be the ideal one to lead a country without allowing… Read more »

Arvind Ramanujam

Why did Putin have to take Russia to the Syria quagmire? I don’t have military training and I have average understanding of chess and not even an inkling of what judo is, but I think it was a very foolish decision that will cost Russia much more than the venture in to Afghanistan. So what if USA dominated the world like Britain did a century back — if it cannot be prevented, it has to be lived with — the cycle of empires is an ever going phenomenon. Like in Asterix comic book, USA or for that matter any country,… Read more »