In Russia it is said that chickens are milked, and cows carry eggs. (A mockery of those who believe ridiculous rumors.)

This is how you vote…. Russian Style

Link for those countries blocking Sputnik Mundo from the Spanish account… Some people cannot see the video play… For that straight link to sight…

But the video is only on Facebook, it seems…

Video of a Russian polling place…


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A survivor of six heart attacks and a brain tumor, a grumpy bear of a man, whom has declared Russia as his new and wonderful home. His wife is Russian and she puts up with this bear of a man and keeps him in line...

Thank God for my sweetie and Russia...



  1. On Twitter, Edward Snowden says: The ballot stuffing seen today in Moscow and elsewhere in the Russian election is an effort to steal the influence of 140+ million people. Demand justice; demand laws and courts that matter. Take your future back.
    What kind of election is it when you don’t let the main opponent Navalny compete?
    I appreciate the courage of Snowden.

  2. Remember: just because, in one’s own perception, one loves something more than anyone else, and is the best matched for it, doesn’t give an entitlement to possess it without letting others have the same opportunity to try handling it and not feel dejected if another succeeds per chance. This is a bitter lesson I have learned in life, and this is a mark of true love.
    Enjoy a song:
    Songs touch understanding sometimes better than books or speeches.

  3. They show the clip of ballot stuffing on Russian news (and many more) and report that the officials have been fired and votes from that ballot box will not be counted. It happened just like it does all over the world. People take care of issues as they arise and it always arises… Seems strange that people do not realize that everything is on cameras and people cheat because it is human nature. Not a good thing to do, but they do it and when they are caught they are dealt with. Snowden? He hides in Russia protected by “Who knows who?” The Snowden situation is not what everyone preconceives it is…

    Tidbit for you: I would not personally vote for Putin, I know who the people like (Putin) and will vote for, but personally, as with my wife (she has her own ideas about who should run the country,) I would not vote for Putin. But I like Putin and think he is okay and much better than almost any western leader there is… But….alas I cannot vote…

    The breakdown of percentages for who got what votes is pretty accurate and I know. I rub shoulders everyday with Russians of all types…

  4. What courage? Takes “no courage” to live in a country as free and safe as Russia. He can say what he wants. No one will bother him and it gets him brownie points. Snowden lives a much better life than I do in Russia. Yet my life is complete and satisfactory. I have all I need. No more and no less… He has been given the world in Russia…

    Takes courage to live in America and say what he does…

  5. Snowden hides in Russia? There are enough mad brutish Russians to kill him in a second like they killed Anna Politkovskaya.
    Putin protects him? Good joke. Maybe Putin did when he could expose and bring down their chief foe — his quote belongs to that period when Russians derived the greatest mileage from him since they lost the cold war to USA, although he had the guts not to reveal even a bit with Russians — and this is the greatest American USA has been prosecuting — Russians thought that they could milk Snowden but he didn’t share anything with them — whatever Russians obtained were the same that the world obtained and they had a very poor deal which I believe even Putin admitted in public, their only consolation was the sullying of the name of America — he never sold America although he had every reason and opportunity to do so. I wonder how many, if any, would have the courage to stand by the principle at the mercy of the enemy who they once targeted. Americans and global citizens must feel ashamed to let Snowden still be at such a mercy.
    Truth, justice and straightforwardness doesn’t care about bondage of benefits derived. When he speaks out, he implicitly agrees to a forfeit of those benefits. As much as you, he is also aware of the famous radioactive and nerve agent kinds of poisoning and it doesn’t matter if you put in a conspiracy theory on who has done it.
    What better life does Snowden live? Would anyone be happy living away from one’s spouse and family on a foreign land that has not given a permanent residence and which is run by a mafia mob? Snowden is a hero and he will remain a hero even if he happens to falter in the future due to pressure because he has already sacrificed enough for the world in terms of sharing concrete information and philosophy, and because of him thousands and thousands of people have saved their lives.

  6. ‘mad brutish bears” makes sense?
    How much does Putin know Russia to represent and do what is good for Russia? I believe that I am like any other Indian but I know that my awareness of what India is doesn’t go beyond 1%. A nationalistic Indian would have 2% perhaps understanding and a patriot would have perhaps 5% and someone like Mahatma Gandhi would have known 10-15% knowledge of what India is. The percentages are similar to the levels a person uses the brain. So, how can anyone presume to be the ideal one to lead a country without allowing to voice their opinions and disagreements, but this is what is happening in Russia, China and to a little extent in India.
    If you are “man” enough for the job, you will compete fair and square — not misuse the trust the majority of people has vested on you believing you to be a benevolent dictator, which is a very primitive form of governance. Democracy has big flaws but still it is the best form of governance available, and it works well when citizens are mature enough not to vote on ethnic and other such criteria.
    Why make a caricature of the Constitution by modifying the limit of 2 terms to make it meaningless? Isn’t Constitution considered sacred and kept pure?
    What nobility is there in a leader who makes some commoners fear him enough to accept him? Czarism has been eliminated from Russia and such an elimination had a valid reason which is deeply etched in the collective unconscious of Russians, and the way of life is such that when such aspects are done away with, they are done away for ever although some of their useful traits and tendencies are allowed, like the reptilian or mammalian part of the brain still serves the human brain. The same applies to Communism, and although thee Russian Communists today may simply be complacent with benefits fed to them, its role cannot be underestimated or overestimated.
    Times change and people change, and it is not the most intelligent or the strongest who manage to survive but those who adapt to current realities. The law of averages applies to everyone including Putin, you and me, and we must know and remain within our limits.

  7. Why did Putin have to take Russia to the Syria quagmire?
    I don’t have military training and I have average understanding of chess and not even an inkling of what judo is, but I think it was a very foolish decision that will cost Russia much more than the venture in to Afghanistan.
    So what if USA dominated the world like Britain did a century back — if it cannot be prevented, it has to be lived with — the cycle of empires is an ever going phenomenon. Like in Asterix comic book, USA or for that matter any country, would never be able to conquer the whole world. Did USA march in to Russia like Nazi Germany marched in? Perhaps during the Ukraine and Georgia unrest but beyond that, there wasn’t any threat from USA. If Russia wished to support an ally, it could have done in many ways except bombing Syrians, which includes bombing civilians, and which constitutes crime against humanity. In fact, USA benefited very much from Russian intervention because now they could share the blame of the crime against humanity in Iraq, Syria etc. with Russians, and for an average Muslim browny, an American whitey is no different than a Russiam whitey.
    The quagmire, quicksand or blackhole or forest fire, whatever you call Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. consumes everyone and everything which enters in. An unmanageable forest fire dies down on its own but people enter in, they get burnt too — ask Australians.
    Russia plays defensive chess, and so, why venture outside like the West?
    The best wars are those which are avoided — if Putin is indeed a blackbelt, wouldn’t he have known this basic principle in combat?
    Remember, and I hope everyone remembers this well (excuse my personality): more powerful than dropping an atom bomb is a single word, “Nyet” in the United Nations. Putin is known for his punch dialogue delivery — where did it disappear in the Syrian affair?
    Realize that unlike pseudo-Jihadi-s, true Jihadi-s are never scared of the Mother of All Bombs or the Father of All Bombs or even nukes. They will still arise after the dust and aftershocks are settled and fight like hell. Such people are there in every tradition. Syria, Iraq etc. is where the ancient Mesopotamian civilization existed, and even if one doesn’t respect its greatness, one must definitely realize if it was Mesopotamian civilization that has got bombed today, it will be American or Russian or any other civilization tomorrow as the cycle of empires keep rotating IF one doesn’t get out of the game.

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