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Those Russian Village Thoughts… (Photos – 08-17-2014)

Sveta was mean to me and sent me a picture of her Globus meal… 🙂

This morning after the walk with the dog and doing some thinking about life in general. I am sitting here at the computer with a great cup of coffee and writing down my thoughts. The first thought went to an image that I left sitting on my desktop of the laptop and I looked at it again as I thought about my sweetie. This image is Sveta’s meal at Globus the other day and for just about $5, she got the whole tray that you see in the image and it includes all the hot tea refills she desires and with Sveta that is a bunch…

That is chicken breast with a mayo based cheese sauce on top, cabbage, a dessert pie, Okróshka (cold soup), tons of greens or grasses on top and hot tea…

This is a typical meal for a Russian who eats out and I think if you look at it, you will realize why sanctions do not affect a Russia. Nothing fancy and nothing exotic. The whole meal is home-grown and home-made. I have learned to appreciate food like this and now a picture of her meal, well it really looks good…

I claim inhuman torture by photo and I think she is trying to make me homesick… 🙂

Second thought: is another image that Sveta sent me from the train station in the big village…


This old babushka is in the village to get her pension and she has to stay a few days wherever she can find a place to stay free. The train station is her place of choice and no one bothers her and no one would harm her. Sveta left her food, before Sveta got on her train…

Third thought (s):

This next image shows how high they have gotten on the bell tower. It will not be long, roof is not far behind. I also saw a huge load of insulation? They are going to insulate part of the work they are doing? Maybe the roof? Maybe a room for someone to live in? This will all be answered later as I see what they are doing. Also, No, I will not as some people want me to do, I will not post pictures of the guys working, they have enough issues back home in Ukraine and I will not jeopardize their families, because they need to work and you work where you can…


Fourth and final thought for today:


I like it!

What a wonderful country Russia is…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Marion August 18, 2014

    Exit,stage right – happy with the neat sharing of your day. I looked up a recipe for Okroshka and will make it tomorrow. Sounds delicious!

    Hope your tomorrow is as nice as today.


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