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Time for Russia to drop SWIFT, now!

Russia is ready and most likely will soon drop SWIFT….then it is just a matter of time before China deals the same slap in the Western Empire’s face…

Russian financial institutions and firms are ready to work without SWIFT’s interbank cash transfer services, according to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

Source: Russian banks ready to switch off SWIFT – official — RT Business News

I have already been following what is happening to European businesses that have dealt with Russia and relied upon Russian money. There are a bunch of businesses that need that money to survive….good example is below…

The UK mobile phone manufacturer and retailer has been placed into administration resulting in redundancy for 20 of its staff.

Source: Wileyfox enters administration

Wileyfox was put on administration on Monday 5 of February after the company’s Russian bank, due to western sanction issues and Russian laws governing money loaning have changed. Many small companies in Europe are scrambling to survive…

Maybe the western banks need to step up and put their money where their mouth is?

I own a Wileyfox and it is a good phone. But dead in the water now…

Russians do not bluff and if they drop the usage of SWIFT and utilize the new system. Sooner than later others will climb on board. One more nail in the coffin that the Western Empire id digging the hole for…

The west does not seem to be attached to reality. The repercussions of this move by Russia will hurt Russia, but will hurt the West much more…

As a reminder; the Western Empire tried to shut down MasterCard in Russia and found out real quick that Russia simply does not give a damn!

Remember Russia does not bluff! And more so to remember, China does not bluff…….


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