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(to) Obama in person (from Rashkin)


Secretary of the Moscow Communist Party, Valery Rashkin, had a message for Obama, written on the side of a fake missile. It was carried around during the huge parade that went on yesterday, just as all over Russia, for Feb. 23rd, Fatherland day…

This next paragraph is a very rough estimate in what he was trying to say in the video. It is condensed, but believe me he is saying what Russia feels…

He talks about why he made this art work of love to Obama and he explains that his father went through illegal sanctions and he is his fathers son and he is going through illegal sanctions. He has to fight back and against the lies and untruths… He said that Russia is a great power and ones who raise their hands against us will know the greatness… This missile does not heed nor care about sanctions and will get the job done… To the point…

Now that sums up pretty well the feelings in Russia about Obama and America…

As Sveta would say, “That is just right!”

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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  1. Arvind Ramanujam February 24, 2015

    Sanctions are a double-edged sword. It hurts both the producing country and the consuming country. Unless, all the countries lay sanctions on a country unitedly, it has no effect. Western countries have been able to derive benefit only in a few such cases where they have (mis)used their privilege in the UN to get the whole world to support the sanction. I believe that sanctions have hurt more the Western countries than the countries that they were targeted against since a target country can easily find another country to do business with. Not only does the target country succeed in maintaining its trade but it also develops its indigenous skills and gains new solutions from new business partnering countries. Especially, China has been the greatest benefactor of Western sanctions gaining many profitable business contracts. Western sanctions is one of the reasons China is rich today while America holds a trillion dollar debt.

    Talking about debt, it is funny to see how America can give 1 billion dollars of aid to Ukraine when it cannot implement its own social welfare schemes or pay back its debt. By trying to hurt Russia through sanctions and helping Ukraine by giving military aid, America is getting hurt by and losing to a bigger foe: China.

    While I am not even a novice in understanding international relationships between countries, I think that while Russia is a danger to Europe, for America, it is the Chinese. While I support the aspirations of all countries to be super powers, I think China is not yet a responsible super power. An example of their intolerance, insensitivity and ruthless ambition is their subjugation of the Tibetians.

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